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Be Your Best Self in 2017: Life Lessons from Okinawa

Discover the secret to a long, happy life in this stunning three-part video series promoting travel to Okinawa. As if we needed persuading.

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What are your goals for 2017? Do you want to travel? Get fit? Be a better friend or family member? Be kinder to yourself? What if the secret to all of those things can be discovered on a group of islands at the southern tip of Japan?

Life, by Okinawa, is an innovative three-part video campaign that explores Okinawa Prefecture from a fresh perspective by following the stories of four (ahem, seriously lucky) visitors as they uncover the secret to a long, happy life among some of the world’s oldest residents.

Each video delves deep into a special feature of Okinawan life; first examining the islander’s beauty and self-perception via the lens of Jen and Sara, who both work in fashion media back in LA; then, taking a look at the philosophy of physical and mental well-being through karate (which originated in Okinawa) with fashion and fitness blogger Daniel from Dusseldorf. Lastly, we’re taken on a journey of human relationships with Singaporean entrepreneur Tracy, as she learns to disconnect in order to reconnect with the people around her.

Hosted on this slick campaign site, you can find out more about the different places visited by clicking on the prompts that play during the videos. A comprehensive map makes it easy to plan a trip. You can even book flights.

This is no ordinary travel promotion. But then again, Okinawa is no ordinary place. We think the videos do a pretty fine job of showcasing what the islands have to offer, as well as giving us some valuable life lessons for this upcoming year. Check it out and see for yourself!

Life, by Okinawa

A natural beauty

“Aging is a beautiful thing.”

Meet Jen and Sarah. They work in fashion and PR around Los Angeles. What happens when they experience a different set of beauty standards?

An alternative fitness regime

“Once you develop through your training and skills, your mind also develops.”

Meet Daniel Fuchs – a fashion blogger from Dusseldorf, Germany, who has a passion for fitness. What happens when he’s taken out of his comfort zone and given a new fitness regime?

A human connection

“What we’re trying to get out of it is all the same. It’s to feel that connection with one another.”

Meet Tracy. She’s an entrepreneur from Singapore who’s constantly connected to her phone. What happens when she has to rely on a different type of connection?

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