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Chikamichi Lounge: A Welcome Retreat Under Shibuya Station

Under the busy streets of Shibuya, is an oasis of peace, quiet and free wifi.

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Oh Shibuya, you so crazy. Any time I end up there, I swear I need a nap afterwards. Between human gridlock at the Crossing and the endless alleys of technicolor shopping, even the shortest retail therapy session leaves me weary and cross-eyed by the time I head back to the station.

So I was thrilled to learn about the Chikamichi Lounge, and even more thrilled to shoot a video with the GaijinPot crew. Seriously, aren’t there times when you’re walking around Tokyo, and you just want a quiet place to flop down and relax? Check out the above video to see how awesome the Chikamichi Lounge is.

Here are the top three things I like about Chikamichi Lounge.

1) Ahhhh space.

When Anthony first asked me about doing the shoot my impression was, like most places in Tokyo, the place would be tiny. But when we blocked everything during pre-shoot I was surprised at how spacious it is. There’s loads of room to collect yourself from the sensory overload you just experienced on the streets.

2) Not just a sitting room.

With free WIFI, a girly-cute powder room (I hear the guys’ is cool too!), and a separate area just for moms and babies, the lounge actually serves purposes beyond spacing out. Travelers always need a place to change clothes, freshen up, or catch up on business on-the-go. Chikamichi is the place to do it. Super convenient, which is what Japan is all about.

3) Free. Yep, no fees.

This surprised me actually. All you have to do is fill out a small form and you’re in. There’s no “rental fee,” and nothing to purchase to get in. Just go, fill out a form with your name and address (I haven’t gotten any weird spam or anything) and you’re in.

Bonus: English!

Anyone who knows me knows I spend half my day getting lost. I usually just go with it, but Chikamichi has English-speaking concierges to help you figure out where the Lost in Translation karaoke place is. (I feel a “Brass in Pocket,” video coming on…).


I really like discovering new places with the GaijinPot crew, but I especially love learning about practical places that actually help weary travelers. The Chikamichi Lounge is really a nice spot that isn’t packed with people, a zen haven smack in middle of the pinball machine universe of Shibuya.


Chikamichi Lounge is located in the underground shopping plaza between Shibuya Station and Shibuya 109.

Web: www.tokyu.co.jp/shibuyachikamichi [Japanese]
Open: 10:00 – 20:00

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