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100% Chocolate Cafe, Where Happiness is Chocolate Flavored

If chocolate is the meaning of life, this must be heaven.

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What is the meaning of life? If you answered “chocolate,” then you are really going to like this article. Even if chocolate isn’t very high on your list of “reasons to live,” you might want to bookmark this article anyway for a date idea with that special chocolate-loving someone.

Near Kyobashi Station in Tokyo, you’ll find 100% Chocolate Cafe. This chocolate-themed cafe was opened in December 2004 at none other than the Meiji Holdings headquarters, perhaps best known for its Meiji brand of chocolate.

Two of the 100% Chocolate Cafe’s biggest points of pride are it’s “56Chocolates” collection and, as may be expected, its range of fresh chocolatey food offerings available for eating in at taking out.

The 56Chocolates collection is just that: a selection of 56 chocolates with different types of milks and sweeteners, and from around the world and throughout history. You can pick the chocolates you want by number to put together your own custom box of chocolate. The chocolates run about 200 yen to 300 yen a piece, so you’re definitely paying for the privilege sampling a jasmine (number 53) or single-bean Balinese (number 18) chocolate.

For Valentine’s Day, 100% Chocolate Cafe has some decidedly non-giri (obligation) chocolates, including one called number 214 (320 yen), which is a raspberry and strawberry chocolate billed as “A Specially Blended Chocolate for Lovers.”

I had read about the 56Chocolates selection, but the first thing that drew my attention at the shop was the tubs of fresh chocolate behind the glass counter. In the same case, I could see the chocornet (a type of bread with creamy chocolate in the center, 320 yen) and the chiffon chocolate cakes (430 yen).

My mission had been decided upon my investigation of the website: I must eat the limited-time strawberry and rare cheese waffle dish (730 yen). It simply tickled me, though, that the waffle dish was listed in the menu under “fresh chocolate food” while “chocolate dessert” such as the white chocolate ice cream (400 yen) has its own category.


The interior of the shop is softly lit, but the white and bronze color scheme lend it a modern feel. Several two-person tables are lined up inside the shop, but I decided to go for a counter seat in front of the window to do some people watching. Soon after I was seated, my drink arrived. At first, I had contemplated getting the seasonal chocolate three-drink sampler (500 yen), but the beauty of the three-layered chocolate milk tea (500 yen) won out the end.

In Japanese, the drink is called “mazemaze chocola tea,” which basically means “we put it in pretty layers for you, but you gotta mix your own drink.” I thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of my labor, but made sure to leave just enough chocolate at the bottom of the drink to have a shot of pure chocolate.

Not long after the chocolate tea, the waffle dish arrived. As promised, it was artfully decorated with strawberries, rare cheese cream and, well, chocolate. Although 100% Chocolate Cafe’s focus is the chocolate, the part I enjoyed most was the rare cheese cream.

The 100% Chocolate Cafe experience ended too soon, but I’m sure they’ll have another exciting seasonal plate that will draw me back come spring. Have you ever visited the 100% Chocolate Cafe?


100% Chocolate Cafe
Address: 104-0031 Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Kyobashi, 2 Chome-4-16 Meiji Kyobashi Building 1st Floor Map
Telephone: 03-3273-3184
Nearest Stations: 8 minute walk from Tokyo Station, Yaesu South Exit, 1 minute walk from Ginza-Line Kyobashi Station (exit 5)
Hours: 8:00 to 20:00 on weekdays, 11:00 to 19:00 on Saturdays/Sundays/holidays (Last orders are 1 hour before closing)

Update: This shop closed in 2018.

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