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Cool Remote Work Opportunities in Japan for Experienced Techies, Teachers and Sales Pros

Ready to tackle Japan's business challenges without ever leaving the house? This month, we're going all remote with full-time positions in recruiting, IT and customer service. Buckle up.

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It’s a job seeker’s market out there now, folks. And that means you should capitalize on it. So, polish off your resume, put some feelers out there, follow important accounts on LinkedIn and get the training you need now, so you’re ready when the right job comes along. 

Because every few years, the market looks to us and says, “Hey! Wanna jump on board?” And when that time comes, you have to be ready to take the leap. 

So, let’s look at what sort of jobs companies are hiring for as of late—especially on the high end of things. 

Associate consultant

You’ve got a bachelor’s degree, good sales chops, excellent communication skills and a knack for nailing personal and career goals. If you want to put those skills to the test in the fast-moving mid to executive level recruiting market, bilingual search firm iSearch might be a good match. 

In this role, you’ll be tasked with sourcing new candidates for urgent-hire positions, developing existing candidates for positions they can later fill, and generating new client relationships, all while learning the ropes alongside more experienced senior consultants.

iSearch places candidates in the automotive, manufacturing, semiconductor, IT, insurance and retail industries. While the candidates and company representatives you’ll be chatting with may be bilingual, for you, the applicant, proficiency in Japanese is more of a plus than a requirement. Benefits include a competitive compensation package with additional incentivized payouts, an in-house training program, and of course, insurance and time off bennies.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to transition to a higher paying, performance-based position, and aren’t yet coming to the table with a ton of experience, this associate position with iSearch sounds like a pretty good opportunity.

iSearch Worldwide K.K.

Associate Consultant

  • Company: iSearch Worldwide K.K.
  • Salary: ¥4.0M ~ ¥5.5M / Year Commission Based
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Fluent
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

University Degree
Sales Experience


Ever wonder why recruiting positions are advertised with such a wide salary range? It’s because, next to being an entrepreneur, recruiting is one of those fields where your earning potential has everything to do with your own hustle. And if the salary range for this position has you blinking twice and double-checking, that probably means you should be paying attention to it. 

Private equity-backed Frank Recruitment Group is a big shop. It boasts a staff of 1,700+ spread across 20 offices worldwide, and its portfolio partners include companies like Uber, Airbnb and Spotify. Plenty of room for growth with these guys. Currently, the firm is expanding its team in Tokyo, and they’re looking for a researcher/associate consultant to help support the firm’s senior staff. 

In this role, you’ll be interacting with IT specialists on both the client and candidate sides of the fence and helping to match high-caliber talent to customers in need of IT experts. To perform well in this position, you’ll bring with you excellent people skills and an entrepreneurial drive that thrives in a team environment. You’ll also be well-versed in English and Japanese and have at least two years of experience in a business field like sales, customer service or project management. 

Visa sponsorship, in-office perks and commutation expenses when working in the office are just a few benefits offered. It’s not often you see an opportunity to make double digits with only two years of experience, so I’d get on this one if your language and communication skills are top-notch and you’re hungry for change.

Frank Recruitment Group K.K.

Researcher / Associate Consultant

  • Company: Frank Recruitment Group K.K.
  • Salary: ¥3.6M ~ ¥10.0M / Year Commission Based
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

Senior consultant

Already spent enough time in a junior recruiting role and ready for your opportunity to prove yourself as a senior consultant? Yes? Then check out Bridgewater Japan. 

This small recruiting firm, which focuses on accounting, finance, HR and tax hires, serves large multinationals despite its compact size. Trust and a personal touch operate at the forefront of Bridgewater’s operations, and in the face-to-face and online meetings you’ll hold with candidates and customers, you too will embody these principles. 

To land this position, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, fluency in English and conversational skills in Japanese, as well as legal authorization to work in Japan. Most importantly, you’ll bring to the team your brand of confidence, high integrity, a talent for setting and achieving goals and the ability to communicate and negotiate with a wide degree of talented professionals throughout Japan.

Bridgewater Japan K.K.

Consultant/Senior Consultant

  • Company: Bridgewater Japan K.K.
  • Salary: Salary negotiable Commission Based
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Fluent
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

-Two years of recruiting, sales, or consulting experience.
-Bachelor's degree or above.
-Legally authorized to work in Japan.

Web application developer

Is consulting not really your game? Prefer tooling around as a web application developer instead? Here’s one for you. 

If you’ve got experience developing in a LAMP/MERN environment, have developed web apps, and know your way around PHP, Ruby, Python, Java and JavaScript (yes, that’s a lot), this full-time remote position with PlayNext Lab might be a fit. Business-level English is preferred along with conversational Japanese, and visa sponsorship is available. 

This position will place you on an international team of engineers building and supporting products used in government, HR, telecom, the heavy equipment industry, etc. 

To join this diverse bunch of engineers, you’ll also need development and operational experience using high-load services, system configuration and server development chops, skills related to XML/RSS and basic knowledge of RDBMS.

A healthy number of paid holidays are part of the benefits package in addition to that all-important visa sponsorship.

PlayNext Lab Inc.

Web Application Developer

  • Company: PlayNext Lab Inc.
  • Salary: ¥3.5M ~ ¥7.0M / Year
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Application: Overseas applications Ok

Bilingual digital marketing coordinator (Japanese and English)

Let’s switch gears a bit. Maybe you’re not an IT person, and perhaps you’re still refining your sales chops. 

You are refining your sales chops. Right?

If you’ve spent time these last few years working in the education space (while educating yourself simultaneously) and attained fluency in both Japanese and English along the way, the ever-busy Tokyo Academics might just have the perfect position for you. 

In this role, you’ll be supporting the sales and marketing team to dream up, plan and execute marketing campaigns that draw attention to the brand, increase blog subscribers, boost traffic, smooth and speed out their lead pipeline, and in general, just make things hum. 

In addition to your language skills, you’ll have a decent amount of web skills (WordPress in particular) and some knowledge of one or several CMS platforms like HubSpot. Finally, of course, you’ll have a good handle on personal organization and an appreciation for working as part of a team and autonomously. 

Benefits are plenty, including a handsome salary, remote work, 20 paid days off a year, and bonuses tied to company growth. And! They’ve also got a flexible schedule. Yay!

Tokyo Academics

Bilingual Digital & Content Marketing Coordinator (Japanese and English)

  • Company: Tokyo Academics
  • Salary: ¥3.0M ~ ¥5.0M / Year
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Fluent
  • Application: Overseas applications Ok

Japanese customer support agent 

You gotta love a job advertisement that includes, “we like to do everything a little bit differently. A little bit geekier. A little bit more our way.” Ready to sign up?

There is a $750 sign-on bonus if you join before Oct. 31. So you might want to grab a pen and paper to get on this seemingly sweet customer service job with 5CA. 

5CA is a customer service firm like no other—they provide support to IT and gaming companies worldwide and in many languages. Moreover, they’re nearly 100% remote. So if you’ve got the sort of tech stack that allows you to move about online super-quick (think: an internet connection that gets you 1.0 Mb/s on download and 0.5 Mb/s on upload), an equally fast processor on either a PC or Mac and an updated Android or Apple phone, you’re halfway there. Toss in a healthy helping of Japanese (I.e., fluent) and at least B2 level English, and you’re nearly all the way there. 

If you’d like to apply for this position, 5CA says forget everything you know about customer support. You’ll receive a complete round of training once you’re on board, so you’ll be prepared for their way of doing business. 

As far as additional qualifications go, I imagine you should be nice (always a good thing), have a good handle on communication skills (you’ll be using email, chat, social media, and possibly the phone) and enjoy the idea of working on a brand new remote team. 

The need on this one is urgent, so don’t dilly-dally. 


[Urgent] Japanese Customer Support Agent (Remote Work) カスタマーサポート(リモートワーク)

  • Company: 5CA
  • Salary: Amount not specified
  • Location: nullJapan
  • English: Fluent
  • Japanese: Fluent
  • Application: Overseas applications Ok

Some great-paying jobs are on the list this month. However, each has a small barrier to entry—language being the most obvious, but also a skill we can acquire here in Japan. So if your Japanese isn’t up to par, I’m with you. I’ve been here four years, and I’m still working at it. 

But, I can’t stress enough how learning more Japanese can completely shift your experience in the country—it is so worth the hurdle. Computer skills are another. And, as far as customer service skills go, they’re always good to have, and like my Dad always says, you need a Plan B. 

Here’s to rewarding, well-paying work. Onward!

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