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Introducing Coto Language Academy

GaijinPot is pleased to introduce Coto Language Academy as our new partner school.

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GaijinPot is pleased to introduce our latest Japanese language school, Coto Language Academy. If the staff looks familiar, they should because the staff at Coto are the same staff from Iidabashi Language School.

After 14 years in business, helping thousands of students learn Japanese, the management at Iidabashi Language School felt that a change was necessary. The name may have changed by the spirit of the school is still the same.


The teachers at Coto Langauge Academy will still bring you the same fun, conversation focussed Japanese language lessons that made Iidabashi Language School such a huge hit.

The new location has been a huge hit with all our students. They love the larger class sizes and the student lounge area, complete with real tatami rest area. Of course the students also love our free wifi!

Coto welcomes all past and new students to come down to see the new school for yourselves and to start your language learning adventure.

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