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Cross Cultural Training With Rochelle Kopp

If you're a recent arrival to Japan, this seminar will give you a roadmap for addressing key issues effectively.

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Working in Japan has its own set of special challenges. Hierarchy, protocol, building consensus, multiple meetings to get anything done…they can be enough to try anyone’s patience. But if you don’t develop strategies for dealing with these aspects of the Japanese corporate landscape, it will severely limit your ability to be successful in your career in Japan.

When you first came to Japan you probably did some reading or got a briefing about Japanese etiquette. Which is certainly necessary and important. But once you get into the details of working with Japanese customers, colleagues, subordinates and supervisors, you are going to find yourself dealing with issues that go far beyond how to exchange business cards or who sits where at a meeting.

Japanese business culture typically involves a variety of unspoken expectations about how communication should happen, who is to be informed about what, how decisions should be made, what gets priority and what doesn’t, and how much risk is to be taken. It’s very easy, without realizing it, to run afoul of Japanese expectations, making people uncomfortable and diminishing your chances of getting things done. And the tricky thing is that often Japanese will not let you know what it is that you have done that has caused things to derail.

Even for those who have been in Japan for a long time, understanding Japanese business culture is a bit like peeling an onion – just when you feel that everything is clear, you move on to the next layer of depth.

The Working Effectively with Japanese seminar to be held in Tokyo on February 4th is a chance to put into perspective your experiences so far in working with Japanese, and expand your toolkit with advanced techniques for motivating Japanese subordinates, delighting Japanese customers, and deciphering a Japanese boss.

If your only experience of cross-cultural courses is when you learned about what angle to bow and what not to do with chopsticks, this course will give you a whole new perspective on what drives the Japanese you work with. The more you understand about Japanese values and what drives Japanese individuals and organizations, the better prepared that you will be to influence skillfully and accomplish your goals.

The course will be taught by Rochelle Kopp, who works closely with foreign firms in Japan and Japanese firms operating globally to help them be effective in multicultural environments.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get an edge in your business interactions in Japan.

Working Effectively with Japanese Seminar

Join cross-cultural expert Rochelle Kopp for an in-depth session offering practical strategies for strengthening your working relationships and achieving increased results with Japanese colleagues, subordinates, customers and supervisors.

When & Where
Thursday, February 4
9:30 - 17:00
FUKURACIA Tokyo Station - 2-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku . Asahi Seimei Bldg. 5-6F
More Info

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