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Discount Passes Only Available To International Passport Holders

Many travelers to Japan are aware of the Japan Rail Pass, but did you know there are other perks if you have a foreign passport in Japan?

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This post will list several discounts available only to foreign passport holders in Japan. Please note that most of these discounts are only for short-term visitors. A few discounts, however, are available to short-term and long-term visa holders alike. Be sure to check the details on for whom the discount is valid, on how the discount can be used and on how to obtain the discount.


JR Group’s Japan Rail Pass

  • Eligibility: Temporary foreign visitors and certain Japanese nationals
  • Description: Discount ticket for unlimited use of almost all JR Group Railways trains and use of several other company trains, some JR buses, and some ferries for 7 to 21 consecutive days
  • Cost: 29,110 yen for adult for 7-day ordinary pass (see website for child rates, green luxury car rates and rates for longer use)
  • Web: Japan Rail Pass

N’EX Tokyo Direct Ticket

  • Eligibility: Foreign passport holders
  • Description: One-way discount ticket for normal seat on N’EX train from Narita Airport to Tokyo, Omiya, etc. (but not vice versa)
  • Cost: 4,000 for adult ticket (Normal price: 4,940 yen)

Tokyo Metro’s WELCOME! Tokyo Subway Ticket

  • Eligibility: Temporary foreign visitors
  • Description: Discount ticket for unlimited use of Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines for 1 to 3 days with a one-way ticket from Haneda Airport to Sengakuji Station (Keikyu Line)
  • Cost: 1,200 yen for adult 1-day ticket
  • Web: WELCOME! Tokyo Subway Ticket

More train discount information:

Some places in Japan are really only accessible by car. You can take advantage of limited-time discounts on tolls with the ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) passes:

ETC Passes for Foreign Visitors

Several airline companies have gotten in on the foreign passport discount game. Below are just a few of those offers.

JAL’s oneworld Yokoso/Visit Japan Fare

  • Eligibility: Foreign visitors residing outside of Japan
  • Description: Domestic airplane tickets from 1 up to 5 designated “sectors”
  • Cost: 10,800 yen per sector
  • Web: oneworld Yokoso/Visit Japan Fare

ANA’s Star Alliance Japan Airpass Fare

  • Eligibility: Foreign visitors residing outside of Japan
  • Description: Domestic airplane tickets from 1 up to 5 designated “sectors”
  • Cost: 10,800 yen per sector
  • Star Alliance Japan Airpass Fare

More airline discount information:

JNTO Domestic Air Service Discount List

Welcome Cards/Area Passes

Many cities and areas have welcome cards or area passes, some of which are only offered to foreign visitors. These passes typically include unlimited use of local transportation as well as shop discounts and free or discounted entrance to area attractions. A few foreigner tourist-only (or Japanese non-resident) passes include the Kansai Thru Pass and the Fuji-Hakone Pass.

More Welcome Card and Area Pass information:

JNTO Welcome Card List
JNTO Railways and Buses List (includes many area passes)

Tourist Information Centers

Tourist information centers are a great source for finding even more deals aimed at travelers. In addition to discounts, the information centers may be able to find you free or inexpensive experiences, such as area festivals or woodblock printing lessons in English.

Web: Tourist Information Offices Website

The thrifty foreign visitor will also want to look into tax-free shopping, free foreign-language tours, and free wifi for temporary visitors.

Have you tried any of the passes aimed at foreign visitors?


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  • Fdom says:

    wow how old is this post?

  • Stasys says:

    question about ANA’s Star Alliance Japan Airpass:……… 1 up to 5 designated “sectors”, Sector is 1 flight?

  • Miłosz says:

    I always wonder, why there are two polish passports on the photo and another polish document, which I cannot identify.

    • Agata says:

      That is what got my attention too. I thought it’s three passports though, but now I think that the greenish document might be the old ID (stary dowód osobisty?). x]

      • Bart says:

        No, it’s the “seamen’s book” (książeczka żeglarska). But strange to see 3 Polish documents on one photo.

  • ferjenni says:

    Woow ..good news..thank you mam for info .i wish teavel in japan someday ..

  • Siddiqui says:

    Japanese national living abroad 非居住者 returning to Japan for short visits are also eligible I think.

  • Jeff Aasgaard says:

    Great info here. Thanks for sharing.

  • Danielle says:

    Are there any discounts available for children’s activities like Disneyland or the aquarium?

  • Jonas says:

    I was told the N’EX Tokyo Direct Ticket no longer is available when I asked for it at Narita a few weeks ago.
    Only some sort of discount on two-way tickets which I didn’t inquire further about.

  • Ashley Kay Harshbarger says:

    I’m doing the oneworld/Yokoso Visit Japan fare. Ticket from Tokyo to Okayama only cost me about $94.

  • Jess Williams says:

    Kagoshima does Welcome tickets which you get free from city hall. You get free or discounted entry to most of Kagoshima’s main attractions (zoo, aquarium, sakurajima’s magma onsen among others.)

  • Daniel says:

    Hi Lynn, Great article – just one thing. The N’EX Tokyo Direct ticket is no longer being sold.

    Instead you can purchase The N’EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket. It’s 4,000yen for a return ticket and saves you about 2,000yen over normal return tickets.

    Links are below (hope I am allowed to post them)



  • Teacher Tom says:

    There is also 3 day and 5 day passes for the highway bus offered by Willer Bus


    You can only buy the passes from outside Japan online.

    They check passports



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