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Disrupting Japan: Bootstrapping Your Way To Success

Meet an entrepreneur who puts in as much effort into the arts scene in Fukuoka as he does building his own company.

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Masanori Hashimoto is the hardest working slacker in Fukuoka. He’s managed to not only bootstrap NuLab, a collaborative diagramming company, into high growth and international sales, but he also founded Myojyowaraku.

Myojyowaraku is in it’s third year and is the largest technology, music and arts festival this side of South By Southwest attracting thousands of people.

Masa and I talk a lot about the importance of work-life balance, and how hard it is to sustain it when you are chasing your dream. Sometimes relationships suffer. Masa puts almost as much effort into supporting the startup, technology and arts scene in Fukuoka as he does building his own company.

Globally, the Japanese have a reputation as being a rather uncreative people, but if you get a chance to attend an event like Myojyowaraku, you will quickly discover how unfounded that reputation is.

We dive deep into the nature of the unique startup ecosystem in Fukuoka, and the possibility that future Japanese companies will be led by teams rather than kings.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

For more podcasts about the startup scene in Japan, check out Disrupting Japan.


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