Disrupting Japan: How Open is Too Open?

On February 7, 2016

Gengo understands the need for small-batch translation. Global communication takes place exponentially faster than the project management cycle, and understanding is way too important to be left to machines. And with even the smallest and most early stage startups understand the importance of going global, Gengo seems to have found their niche.

Matt and I talk about the growth of the company, the changing nature of startup investment in Japan and the rest of Asia, how to recruit and retain high-powered engineering staff in a hyper-competitive environment and the significance of foreign entrepreneurs in Japan.

One of the most interesting topics we cover, however, is how Matt (and Gengo) are handling the recent change in CEO. It’s always a difficult transition and many companies don’t survive it. In this frank discussion without the usual platitudes, Matt explains the specific steps he’s taking to bring openness and transparency to all of Gengo’s stakeholders, and he also explains the changes he had to make in himself in order to take Gengo to the next level.

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