Disrupting Japan: Seeds of Disruption

On August 5, 2015

The phrases “disruptive innovation” and “disruptive business” are thrown around far too often and far too loosely these days. Of course, at first glance, since Disruption is part of the name, it would seem that the same charge could be leveled against this podcast.

But we use the term very carefully.

This is a special one-on-one episode where we talk about what disruptive innovation really means and why it is important to distinguish disruptive innovation from sustaining innovations. Surprisingly, disruptive innovation is not necessary better in general, but it’s what Japan needs right now.

We examine how Japan went from being the world’s engine of disruptive innovation to being the developed nation most resistant to disruption. Most important, we show you how things are starting to change. A small handful of entrepreneurs are, perhaps for the very first time in Japan, embracing the spirit of disruptive innovation. And these startups will be the key to Japan’s next economic boom.

This really is new territory for Japan.

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