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Disrupting Japan: Japan’s Coming Startup Boom

The startup scene in Japan is laying the seeds for its next economic miracle.

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No nation changes as quickly as frequently and as completely as Japan. In our launch podcast we destroy the twin myths that Japan changes slowly and that Japan lacks innovative creativity. Japan has already been through two disruptive, transformative really, transitions in the past 150 years in which Japanese society was completely remade. And today we see the seeds of Japan’s next economic miracle.

We are at the beginning of the Japanese startup boom.

For reasons we will explore in this podcast, the Japanese themselves frequently prefer to project an image of conservative risk aversion, but in fact is that there is deep creativity in Japan, and startups are already starting to change Japan from within.

Those who recognize and capitalize on the these trends early will make fortunes on the scale of those made in Japan’s last two economic miracles. And just as in the last two economic miracles, those who ignore them will be left on the sidelines muttering to themselves about how unfair it all is.

Naturally, there are forces in Japan and abroad that do not want to see this transformation succeed, but the disruption has already begun and it cannot be stopped.

Join us and see why.

For more podcasts about the startup scene in Japan, check out Disrupting Japan.

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