Disrupting Japan: Bursting the Filter Bubble

On December 6, 2015

For almost two decades, Atsuo Fujimura has been on a mission to change the way we think about news, and his latest project, SmartNews, is trying to change, no only the way we think about the events around us, but the way we think about each other.

The “filter bubble” is a term that describes the natural, but harmful, result of search engines and news services giving us more and more of what we want. What starts out as good intentions ends up making our world much smaller than it is. We end up seeing only information that reenforces our existing beliefs.

New and contradictory ideas, ideas that might make us uncomfortable, and ideas we have never been exposed to get filtered out in the process of “giving us what we want.”

Atsuo Fujimura and his startup team at SmartNews are working to change that. This comes as no surprise to those of us here in Japan since over the past twenty years Atsuo has launched a string of startups that have changed the news industry in Japan.

What he has in store for us this time is amazing, and with their international launch, he’s taking it global.

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