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Dive into the Heart of Odaiba

A man made island that is home to the world's only full-size Gundam statue.

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Traveling in a foreign country is truly one of the greatest luxuries we have in this age, but it is certainly far from stress-free. To an extent, planning and researching before a vacation is fun and exciting. There is a point, however, when it becomes tedious, and tight schedules can be rigid and restrict you from fully enjoying your time. A decent mobile internet connection would ease this burden and allow more flexibility once you arrive at your destination. Fortunately NTTBP helps by giving travelers access to their wifi spots for free.

All you have to do is download their free app and after creating an account, you can have free access to their wifi spots anywhere it is provided. You can even search for places where it is available, so wherever you plan on going, you never have to stress about being stranded without the internet.

One of their many free wifi spots is right in the middle of Odaiba which is home to one of Japans most exciting shopping and entertainment centers. Originally built for defensive purposes in the 1850’s, Odaiba is now a symbol of the future and the capability of creative engineering with fantastic structures like the Fuji Television Studio and Tokyo Big Sight, Japans largest convention center.

There are many ways to access Odaiba, but my favorite method is by monorail. From Shimbashi station, the Yurikamome Monorail Line takes you on a short, scenic ride comparable to a gentle theme park attraction with exciting views of popular tourist sites like Tokyo Tower as you cross Rainbow Bridge.

As you step out of Daiba Station, Tokyo’s Statue of Liberty welcomes you. Accompanied by Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, and the Tokyo Bay Area, the photogenic Lady Liberty poses the perfect opportunity to capture a digital souvenir with your handy camera phone. After filling up your phone with some great photos, you can walk to one of Odaiba’s most recent attractions Diver City, a huge shopping mall, and connect to wifi using NTT’s application to start uploading your dozens of selfies.

More seriously though, wifi is really helpful for navigating through Diver City. Having a detailed floor map from Diver City’s website in your hands as you walk around is more convenient and efficient than trying to find one in the building. Among the many international, duty free shops inside the mall, there are some great places to buy souvenirs for your friends and family.

Once you have worked up an appetite from shopping, you can grab a bite to eat and start planning your next activity by checking the web for nearby attractions. The food court on the ground level is a great choice to quickly sit down and get a variety of food, but there are also some great restaurants on the 6th floor which overlook the whole area including Diver City’s most popular tourist attraction, Gundam Front Tokyo.

Featuring a Gundam themed shop, cafe, and a life-sized Gundam statue, Gundam Front Tokyo is a must-see. If you check the showtimes on the Diver City website, throughout the day you can catch parts of the statue moving around with steam shooting out the exhaust vents, and at night you can see a dazzling light show with music and video projection. For fans of the anime series, it is incredibly nostalgic and surreal to see something from our childhood come to life in such a dramatic way, but really anybody can appreciate the awesomeness of a giant robot.

Even as someone who does not frequently enjoy shopping, I really enjoyed spending the day at Diver City thanks to attractions like Round One and Gundam Front Tokyo. I couldn’t even go a few seconds without pulling out my phone, taking a few photos of that amazing statue, and uploading them to show all my friends. I’m definitely going to recommend downloading the NTT wifi application the next time people come to visit me. Then maybe they won’t be constantly asking to use my phone, and also they will feel more safe and comfortable while traveling through Japan.


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