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A Taste of Home from Domino’s Pizza

Between now and May 17, order any two topping pizza and receive another pizza absolutely free!

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Sometimes, when you’re so far from home, where good pizza can be found just about everywhere, it can be hard satisfy that pizza craving. If you ever ordered pizza in Japan, you might find that things are a bit “different” compared to what you might be used to. The websites are often in Japanese, and even if you are lucky enough to have an English link it is more often a blurry pdf of a badly translated menu.

When that pizza you ordered finally arrives at your door and you take a bite, you realize that it’s just not the same as those pies back at home. Maybe it’s the ingredients, how it’s prepared, or all those “interesting” toppings; something just doesn’t feel right. That’s where Domino’s comes in.

The Domino’s Pizza website is 100% in English

Domino’s Pizza Japan takes all the hassle out of ordering pizza. Their English language site is not just a roughly translated version of the Japanese site. It’s 100% in English. You won’t have to change your keyboard settings to Japanese at all when placing an order. To show how easy it is to order online, we’ll walk you through our most recent pizza experience.

First, go to the Domino’s Pizza Japan website and click order or choose from one of the deals. We went with the new 2 For 1 Deal which is good until May 17, 2015.

After that everything is fairly simple. Follow the prompts to build the pizza of your dreams. Choose the size, 1 of 5 types of crusts, and two toppings from a list of over 20. For all of the toppings you can choose to have them on the whole pizza, or just half. You can also double up on the amount. For those currently living in Japan, I’m sure you know how difficult it is to have any kind of food customized. Domino’s is a godsend for the homesick.

When you’re done making each selection, be sure to press the update button towards the bottom. A visual will appear showing exactly what your pizza will look like when delivered. When finished, head to the checkout screen.

There are multiple ways to put in address information, so choose a method that works best for you. Don’t worry about trying to write your address in Japanese; it can all be done in romaji. Finally, pick your payment method and place your order!

We expected it to take some time to arrive like pizza deliveries often do in Japan, but the delivery guy arrived in just under 25 minutes! We dug into the cheesy awesomeness. I have to admit, it reminded me a lot of home.

I got a feeling we’ll be getting Domino’s again very soon.

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  • Anthony Joh says:

    Did you read who the author of this post is? Did you notice there are no annoying banners on the blog?

    The revenue from advertisers help pay to run the site and with over 500 posts and only 15 sponsored ones, it’s not exactly like the site is being overrun with ads.

  • staar says:

    It’s not quite the deal described but still a discount. It’s about a 35% discount off the total as they hike the single pizza price. Just try ordering a single identical pizza off of the deal to see what I mean.



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