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Dude, seriously. Let’s talk about your face.

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You Know What’s Hot? Man Beauty. It’s been recently brought to my attention (by Anthony) that I’ve neglected the men in my product reviews. Girls can tell when you put a little work into your routine, so here are a few products and skincare tips especially for my men people (and Anthony).


Tip 1: Get the Crag off Your Face

Exfoliate. For real. If you have shaving bump issues, dry skin, breakouts, whatever, this reason is because you have too much dead skin and it’s screwing up your pores, and they get angry with you. Use a scrub like this one in from DHC, or this one from Shiseido the shower (these are both JP brands too, FYI). And please don’t use your wife’s/girlfriend’s… yes it’ll work, but you’re just going to piss her off. There have to be dumber things to fight about.


Tip 2: Sunscreen DUH.

You guys are notorious for not wearing sun protection. BAD. If you don’t want to look like The Crypt Keeper by the time you’re 40, I highly suggest using a high SPF (20 or higher- I use 50) or PA +++. The Japanese system is PA, three pluses is the highest amount of protection you can get.


Tip 3: Manscape Right

I personally like scruffier looking guys, but a clean shave on the right guy is NOICE. And you know this stuff already: A hot towel before shaving opens your pores (think about those old timey barber guys). Lube your face (obvi) and always use a super sharp razor. I know you know it, but are you doing it? C’mon just do it- takes like five extra minutes and we totally notice.

The Art of Shaving has an amazing line of pre-shave oils, cleansers, shaving creams, and fancy razors. It’s the best I’ve come across. I’ve bought this stuff for man friends and they’ve always loved it. I personally love the smell of this one.

And lastly, you can’t get this service in Japan, but enjoy this anyway.

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