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Finding Out About Incorporation Experts in Japan

The following is the brief description of the services offered by each legal specialist.

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The current administration is trying to promote recruitment of foreign nationals or to encourage foreign business startups in Japan as a part of their economic revitalization policy. Consequently, there has been an increased number of legal and administrative services and supports extended by specialists in each area of practice for foreign nationals and global enterprises who seek business establishment in Japan. The following is the brief description of the services offered by each specialist.

In order to open up your office in Japan, you need a relevant working visa to come to Japan. The “Shinsei Toritsugi Gyoseishoshi” (申請取次行政書士) or the immigration lawyers are in charge of your visa application. When you register your company in Japan, you need to submit an application to the District Legal Affairs Bureau. Along with the application, necessary documents such as a certified article of incorporation must be provided.

In this regard, another specialist called “Shiho Shoshi” lawyers (司法書士) are licensed to support your paperwork. Once you start operating the business, you might need a bookkeeping specialist called “Konin Kaikeishi” (公認会計士.) The qualified specialists perform audits.

When hiring staffs in your office, you may have to apply for a labor/social insurance. “Shakai Hoken Romushi” (社会保険労務士) will prepare documents and apply for the kind of insurance on behalf of your company. They also provide a consultation on personnel administration or a payroll calculation service.

At the end of every financial year, your company should file a tax return to the local revenue office. Relevant tax documents such as a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement are prepared by a tax specialist called “Zeirishi” (税理士.) The Zeirishi also provide a consultation on tax matters.


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  • Michael Zhuang says:

    Do foreigners need a special visa to start a company? Im teaching English on a Humanities Visa, and I want to start a company. Do I need a different visa?



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