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5 Jobs in Japan to Meet the Right People for August

Sometimes a job is just a job, but other times a job can introduce you to people who just may shift the trajectory of your life.

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You understand that relationships are essential if you’ve worked long enough: how we get along, what we do for others, introductions, etc. For many of us, that’s what keeps people fired up about doing any job.

This month, there are a good amount of assistant and career-track posts here on GaijinPot. They are all in industries where getting to know the right people can change everything. A job can take you in many, many different directions.

Each has something you can build upon, and there for the takin’. These jobs will go fast. So go get ’em, folks!

1. Recruit for the future

If you’re looking for an entry-level position in finance with an excellent trajectory into the world of consulting, Oaks International would like you to consider joining their team in Ginza as an assistant and researcher on their senior consultant team.

What do they do? Well, Oaks International is a boutique recruitment firm that finds talent for companies operating in asset management, banking and the insurance industries. In this role, you’ll research, locate and reach out to qualified candidates, arrange meetings, assist with interviewing and work closely with senior consultants to best understand their priorities when sourcing candidates.

You’ll need at least two years of prior working experience in Japan, a desire to remain in Japan for at least another five years and proficiency in English and Japanese. A nice salary and many opportunities await with this pretty sweet gig.

Oaks International Co., Ltd.

Assistant and Researcher (OAKS INTERNATIONAL)

  • Company: Oaks International Co., Ltd.
  • Salary: ¥3.0M ~ ¥4.5M / Year
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Basic
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

2. Negotiate with the best of ’em

Acroseed helps corporate clients address the complexities of residency for foreign employees. This legal consultant position comes with a wide salary range, so you may want to hone your negotiating chops. You’ll do a host of clerical work, a considerable amount of writing and communicating with a wide network of people.

They’re looking for someone with a desire to move up within the firm, but they’re also aware that the skills they’ll help you fine-tune will make you attractive to other employers as well. If continued learning is important to you, you’ll appreciate the attention paid to language training, scrivener certification, negotiation and communication workshops and more.

A generous benefits package and a nice easy-to-commute to office await as well!

3. Step into Japan’s entertainment industry

Looking to get your foot in the door in Japan’s entertainment industry? This may just be the opportunity to do it.  You’ll be able to use your English and business-level Japanese language skills equally. You’ll act as a bridge between different units within the company that deals with investing, innovation and the co-working space. Aside from the typical duties, you might expect in an administrative role, expect to master how to write and edit contracts, become a pro at Excel and all its functions and know Powerpoint like the back of your hand.

Visa sponsorship is available, but remote work is not in the cards. Expect a regular working schedule with weekends and holidays off. Sounds like a neat job for the right person, no?

Yamagata Intech

English language assistant for big entertainment company

  • Company: Yamagata Intech
  • Salary: ¥2,000 / Hour
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Fluent
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

4. Hospitality at the Tokyo American Club

Want to work for a storied brand in Japan? The Tokyo American Club is looking for restaurant service staff to help with administrative duties at its new location in Nihonbashi. ​​Located on the sixth floor of Muromachi Mitsui Tower, this jazzy new spot needs hospitality chops to ensure members and guests are accommodated in style.

You’ll be responsible for daily operational tasks related to inquiries about events, facilities and meetings—ideally as efficiently and pleasantly as possible.

All this should be pretty straightforward for anyone with prior background in hospitality, experience with POS software, attention to detail and high-level business language skills in English and Japanese.

Tokyo American Club

Full-Time Restaurant Service Staff (Tokyo American Club Nihonbashi)

  • Company: Tokyo American Club
  • Salary: ¥245,000 ~ ¥245,000 / Month
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: None
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

5. Chief Bartender for an Akasaka hot spot

MMM Holdings has just the spot for you if you’re an experienced bartender looking to slide into a full-time gig with one of Akasaka’s latest, news-worthy drinking establishments.

You’ll be working evenings and nights six days a week and need previous experience managing a bar and making standard and classic cocktails. But you’ll pick up even more skills on the job because one of the world’s top mixologists will be on hand to help train you and bring you up to speed on their unique menu. Overall, a neat opportunity for a bilingual bar manager looking to trade up a bit.

MMM Holdings K.K.

Chief Bartender

  • Company: MMM Holdings K.K.
  • Salary: ¥250,000 ~ ¥300,000 / Month
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Business level
  • Application: Overseas applications Ok

So, there you have it, folks! For me, at least, autumn seems right around the corner. And remember, this is just a slice of the jobs available if you’re in the market now.

There are lots more on GaijinPot Jobs and don’t forget part-time jobs if you just want to pick up a few hours here and there.

Until next time! Cheers.

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