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Friendship Day: Commemorating the Camaraderie Between America and Japan

For many Japanese and Americans, Yokosuka’s Friendship Day represents a deep and lasting bond that is maintained each day by the military and civilians in both countries.

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After World War I and II, Japan and the United States were not on very good terms, but over the years the two countries have worked together and today the relationship between these two countries could not be better. Each year the Yokosuka Naval Base celebrates a “Friendship Day” to honor and commemorate the close ties between Japan and America.

Friendship Day not only fortifies the already strong bond between these two countries, but also gives the Japanese public a look into the daily life of the American military personnel. There are booths set up with tons of American style food like hamburgers, hot dogs, and deep fried Oreos. Many Japanese like to visit the booths set up to sell food from the commissary and leave with armload of American junk food.

Food isn’t the only special part of the celebration, as there will be a softball tournament, car show, boat rides from the marina, kids carnival, Zumba dance-a-thon, and live entertainment from Tokyo Dream Girl and Che-Nelle. At the end of the day, the festival is concluded with extravagant Japanese fireworks set off from Yokosuka City, which can be viewed directly from the base.


The highlight of the day for many is the tour of the Naval ships. This allows guests to come aboard a United States Naval warship and see what life is like for the sailors in the US Navy. This year, the tour will be of the USS Fitzgerald DDG 62, an Arleigh-Burke class destroyer commissioned in 1995. The USS Fitzgerald assisted in disaster relief after the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on March of 2011, and holds a dear place in the hearts of many Japanese.

For many Japanese and Americans, Yokosuka’s Friendship Day is more than a just way to eat tasty food and see cool military ships. It represents a deep and lasting bond that is maintained each day by the military and civilians in both countries who do their part to serve and protect each other.

Visiting Yokosuka Friendship Day gives a whole new meaning to “tomodachi.”

Some tips for visiting:

  • Make sure to get in line for the ship tour early! The line will close promptly at 13:00!
  • The booths accept yen or US dollars
  • Bring your camera and good walking shoes, there is plenty to see and do!
  • Take some time to visit Yokosuka and maybe even try their famous curry


Tokyo Station -> Yokosuka Chuo Station: 78 minutes, ¥1080, approx. 8 minute walk to Mikasa Park Gate.
(Take a left out of the station and walk straight, then take a right until you see the “Mikasa” arch which will lead you to the entrance. Or, just follow the crowd.)


Saturday, August 2 10:00 – 21:00

0900-1600: Softball Tournament
1000-1500: Ship Tour (USS Fitzgerald) – line caps at 13:00
1000-1700: 13th Annual Car Show featuring Coco
1000-1700: Boat Rides from Green Bay Marina
1000-1900: Kids Zone Carnival
1200-1600: Zumba Dance-a-thon with Special Guest Master Class by George Iu
1700-1800: Tokyo Dream Girl live entertainment
1800-1900: Che’Nelle live entertainment
1915-2010: Yokosuka City Fireworks

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  • Cesar Arellano says:

    It would be nice to visit again Yokusuka, God willing I want to met Japanese people in there land I would like to thank them for their support to us Filipinos against the Chinese communist aggressors.It’s gonna be a sentimental journey after vietnam war,when I served the u.s.m,s.t.s.

  • Leslie Anne Rogers says:

    Thanks for adding the date… Sat, Aug 2nd!

  • Leslie Anne Rogers says:

    Nice article… When is it being held?

  • mrmanuke says:

    When will this be held?



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