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Fukuoka Foreign Language College: A Welcoming Home for International Students in Japan

GaijinPot Study flew down to Fukuoka to check out this awesome Japanese Language School. See if it's the right fit for you!

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Located in an unassuming area, just one stop away from Fukuoka’s famous Hakata Station is Fukuoka Foreign Language College (FFLC). As one of Kyushu’s best Japanese language schools, the school also serves as a vocational school for Japanese students eager to study in an international environment.

A quiet place for studying!

After walking down the school’s corridors holding over 115 years of history, we sat down with FFLC’s team to chat about the variety of courses available to international students. The school prides itself on offering much more than typical Japanese classes. Ongoing support for your life in Japan, a rich cultural program, and a green campus set the school apart.

Fukuoka’s lively atmosphere is perfect for international students

Fukuoka offers all the commodities of a modern and big city while being relatively compact and international. Being the main city of Kyushu, there’s more shopping, eating, and places to explore than you could ever want. Even with all this, Fukuoka is far from a concrete jungle—its laid back atmosphere is the complete opposite of the typical stress associated with city living.

What’s more, the cost of living in Fukuoka is approximately 30% cheaper than in other big Japanese cities like Tokyo. A good one-room apartment located near Hakata Station costs around ¥61,500 per month, whereas the rent for a 1R located in central Tokyo can easily cost over ¥100,000. Despite being a medium-sized city, Fukuoka offers plenty of part-time job opportunities too. FFLC has several partnerships with local businesses and provides guidance to students searching for work.

Fukuoka is compact enough that you can get almost anywhere by bike.

Thanks to its ideal location, most FFLC students actually don’t even bother getting a commuter pass. They all come to school by bicycle! With Fukuoka Airport being only 20 minutes away from the city center (and the school), they can hop on a plane and spend the weekend partying in South Korea and still be back in time to finish their homework for class.

‘Fukuoka is truly a welcoming city for foreigners and so is our school, where we cultivate a positive environment and a culture of equality.’

Feel at home while studying in Japan

Japan has a culture of encouraging teachers to take an active part in their students’ growth, providing guidance for them to become productive members of society.

That’s precisely what FFLC offers international students—the guidance they need to better understand Japanese society and overcome the cultural barriers that may hinder their experience learning Japanese.

‘We’ve chosen different shades of green for our school’s logo because we believe people, like plants, grow and change over time.’

The school nurtures a multicultural environment and pays attention to students’ needs. They’ve set up a prayer room on the school grounds and are more than happy to give tips on eating halal or vegetarian. The team encourages an atmosphere where students can develop cultural sensitivity and awareness of cultural differences.

Everyone is welcome here.

Fukuoka is a place where you can easily make friends with locals due to large foreign communities willing to help and guide international students.

Master Japanese through total immersion

FFLC applies the “direct method,” which promotes learning in a Japanese-only environment. This method has been proven very effective in helping students feel confident in their language skills.

‘We want to be like family for our students, to guide them like parents would and help them get the skills they need to become global citizens.’ 

FFLC emphasizes passion and teamwork, always working on improving a solid curriculum. The school rotates teachers who each specialize in a different aspect of the Japanese language, so students can become proficient in all four skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

FFLC - Fukuoka Foreign Language College - Teaching

What makes FFLC so special is a shared campus with Japanese students enrolled in the English language department. Thanks to numerous partnerships with foreign universities, FFLC is an attractive school for Japanese students who are eager to master English. The school has used this unique environment to set in place a tutoring program, pairing Japanese and international students together. Students can help each other with their studies and become friends.

Have fun while learning with cultural events

Most schools organize cultural and social events, but FFLC sets the bar very high. Following their philosophy of learning being fun, the school hosts at least 100 social gatherings for students a year!

These events are dedicated to deepening students’ knowledge of Japanese culture and include calligraphy classes, festivals, tea ceremonies, and ikebana (flower arranging). Each event offers a good opportunity to get closer to the locals and to experience cultural exchange.

Beyond the culture, the team also organizes parties, trips, and sports outings.

Kickstart your career in Fukuoka

Home to large tech firms such as LINE, Fukuoka is well known abroad as Japan’s fastest-growing startup hub. Nicknamed Japan’s Silicon Valley, the city is flourishing with successful new businesses that are constantly seeking tech-savvy English-speaking workers.

In the past few years, the local government has made a lot of efforts to encourage young people to start their own business, going so far as to introduce Japan’s very first “startup visa” for foreign entrepreneurs. If you’re working in IT and looking to build your business in Japan, Fukuoka will welcome you with open arms and a special start-up package!

FFLC comes in as the perfect getaway for you to land a job in Japan. On top of being one of Kyushu’s best Japanese language schools, the school is also a vocational college that offers associate degrees fully recognized by Japanese immigration. After completing your Japanese studies, pursue your education through the school’s programs in international business and tourism.

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