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GaijinPot Meet: July Minty Mojito Madness

Chat with other foreigners, swap stories with GaijinPot staff or just share a drink!

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Thanks to the success of our past meetups, we’re proud to announce our fifth edition: GaijinPot Meet Mojito Night!

This time, we’ll be meeting you back at Ginza 300 Bar Next in Yurakucho on July 13, 2023, for networking, making new friends or just chatting with other foreigners!

Ginza 300 Bar’s specialty is mojitos and they use only the best ingredients (we’ve heard their mint supply is top-notch!), so we encourage you to try one! Of course, if you would prefer other drinks, you’re free to do so. No pressure! Three free drink tickets will be offered to attendees. Please just be sure to RSVP as slots and drink tickets are limited.

In addition to meeting and chatting with other local foreigners, GaijinPot staff will be around to offer their own experiences in Japan or just to share a drink. Sometime during the event, there will be a very short presentation about the services GaijinPot offers, but mostly we’re here to have fun! This is a very casual event, so no need to worry about what to wear or bring. Just come on down, chat with us and have a chill evening with GaijinPot!

We’ll also be having a small raffle, just like our last event! Three prizes will be available and one raffle ticket will be provided to everyone who attends. If you sign up by the end of Sunday, July 9—we’ll even give you an extra ticket!

Sign Up

Please fill out this Google Form to register! The deadline for registration is 1 p.m., July 12, 2023.

Due to the limited number of spaces available, we will send you a confirmation email to confirm that you are eligible to be one of the 30 participants. If you are one of the 30, please arrive at the venue by 6 p.m.

While you’re free to come if you don’t sign up, if you are not one of the 30, you will need to pay for your own drinks and food.

Meet some of the GaijinPot staff, and make some new friends over drinks, laughs and networking at the GaijinPot Meet 5 event.

When and Where

The event will happen on July 13, 2023, from 6 to 8 p.m. GaijinPot staff will leave around 8 p.m., but the bar will remain open if you want to keep the party going!

For more information, check out our events page. We can’t wait to see you there!

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