How to get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo

On February 21, 2014

Since Haneda Airport opened an international terminal in 2010, more and more international passengers are arriving and departing from this airport.

One of the main benefits of Haneda Airport is it’s close proximity to Tokyo compared to Narita Airport. From Haneda Airport to downtown Tokyo, there are 4 main transportation options; Tokyo Monorail, Keikyu line, limousine busses, and taxis.

Tokyo Monorail

The easiest way to travel from Haneda Airport to Tokyo is via the Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line (東京モノレール羽田空港線).

The monorail runs between Haneda Airport and JR Hamamatsucho Station and has three levels of service; local, rapid and express. The different services indicate how many stops the monorail makes between the airport and Hamamatsucho Station.

Trains leave every 3 ~ 5 minutes from 5:00 am to midnight and can take as little as 20 minutes to get to Hamamatsucho Station. The price of a one way monorail ticket from Haneda international to Hamamatsucho Station is ¥470.

Keikyu Line

The Keikyū Main Line is another good option, especially for those who want to stop at a station on Toei Asakusa line. The Keikyu line travels between Haneda Airport and JR Shinagawa station in 14min.

Shinagawa station has many convenient lines such as Tokaido Shinkansen, Keihin-Tohoku line, Tokaido Main Line, Yamanote line, and Yokosuka line. Although Keikyu Line is fast, the frequency of the train is less than Tokyo Monorail. Especially in the early morning and midnight, you may have to wait long time at the platform.

Limousine Bus

The Airport Limousine bus is a convenient option as you can hop on the bus at the arrival lobby. The bus ride to Tokyo Station can take as little as 20 minutes but be warned that during rush house the travel time can be significantly longer.

The limousine bus departs every 30 to 60 minutes and costs ¥900.


Taking a taxi from Haneda to Tokyo is not as expensive compare to a taxi from Narita but the cost can still be upwards of ¥10,000 depending on where you are going in the city.

Although taxis are pricy, it could be the only transportation option for the travelers who arrive at the airport after 11:00pm as most trains and busses into Tokyo stop operating by half past midnight.

For those who arrive late, there are two hotels in the Domestic terminal. The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu is available from ¥21,000 yen per night.

If you have always been curious about staying in a capsule hotel, you can do so at the First Cabin Tokyo Haneda. For only ¥4900 you can sleep in a fully equipped capsule room in the airport.


Haneda Aiport is Japan’s busiest airport and with its close proximity to Tokyo it is growing as an important international gateway to Japan.


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  • TenshokuDr. says:

    A true “international gateway” would operate 24 hours a day and have better transportation options. The monorail is fine if you are business person with no bags as it is small and cramped. Try it with a family or a small group of friends with normal luggage in tow. (I do know about baggage services but they are not always a viable option.)

  • CanuckinKyoto says:

    I had to transfer from Narita to Haneda late on a Friday afternoon. I missed my flight due to road traffic. Perhaps you can write on article about how to do this transfer.

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