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Globis University: Your Gateway to Japan

Kickstart your career and earn an MBA at Globis University while living in Japan or even online. Learn what it’s like to study in Tokyo from students themselves.

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Living and studying in Tokyo is a dream come true for people who love Japan— where do you start? What’s the best course for your career? The typical route is to pursue a visa through English teaching at an eikawa (English conversation school) or as an assistant language teacher (ALT).

Unfortunately, English teaching often doesn’t support a resume outside of, well, anything but teaching English. It can result in wasted time if your dream job is outside education. Another option is coming to Japan under a student visa—but which school is right for your career, lifestyle and study goals? Which schools offer the best chance to network with people studying or working in your field?

The answer could be enrolling in the MBA program at Globis University—Japan’s largest business graduate school and located directly in the heart of bustling Tokyo. The school has more than 9,500 students and alumni, as well as 140 partner companies that support students in finance, manufacturing, IT and many other fields.

A Globis University MBA could be your key not only to Japan but also to a fulfilling and successful career.

Support inside or outside the classroom

Globis University helps students achieve their educational goals as well as with immigration, housing assistance, family support and other needs.

Whether you are all in for a full-time MBA or your schedule only allows for part-time courses, Globis University will support you. Even if you aren’t ready to commit to a trip to Japan for in-person learning, you can take classes online or even its nano-MBA courses—flexible, engaging online classes aimed at busy individuals and with fully transferable credits—to supplement your schedule.

Full-time students like Nadine Amber Masorong and Bradley Wargo chose the Globis University MBA program because of how accommodating the school was to achieving their goals.

“The Globis office was very hands-on and gave us all the information we needed to know. They even prepared a calendar to guide us in planning our flights, moving in and residency applications,” says Masorong. “The school also offers scholarships and loans and helps you apply to government scholarships.”

As someone coming from a business background, I wanted to attend a school that leans towards practicality over theory.

“Aside from being a master’s program in Japan (and in English), I found their staff helpful when inquiring about the process and understanding the school culture,” says Wargo. “Their support and the ability to complete the program in one year and location helped me decide to enroll.”

“Their teams of English speakers can answer any questions you have. There are even guides to filling out forms and completing your paperwork correctly. This was a huge help and would have been impossible to do alone.”

That same support includes life outside the classroom—immigration, housing assistance, family support and more. The language barrier can be frustrating, but you won’t be on your own.

If you’re prepared to enroll full-time, Globis University can sponsor your student visa.

Leadership the ‘Japanese way’

At Globis, students consider global perspectives to become leaders in their chosen industries.

Globis emphasizes kokorozashi, a Japanese philosophy that highlights one’s personal commitment, willpower and motivation.

“I loved that the program was mission-driven,” says Yanelis Garcia, a full-time student with a background in entertainment marketing. “The program’s core was about finding your ‘kokorozashi’ through the power of business, networking, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

“Globis drove my curiosity and encouraged me to take an individual MBA course to get a taste of the program and what to expect. Through this, I could better understand and prepare for the real thing.”

This is your chance to come to Japan and broaden your horizons in the most fulfilling way possible.

At Globis, students consider micro and macro perspectives to become leaders in their chosen industries. Classes, whether online or in-person, are interactive and students are expected to participate in case studies by sharing opinions and ideas—uncommon activities at a typical Japanese university. You will then put those ideas to the test in the real world via internships.

“As someone coming from a business background, I wanted to attend a school that leans towards practicality over theory,” says Masorong. “Globis’s internship program sealed the deal on my application and allowed me to experience my dream of living in Japan while having an international business education.”

More than networking

Students walk and talk on the Globis University campus in Tokyo. The international environment at Globis encourages students to share their ideas.

Students at Globis will learn Japan’s business culture through lectures on Japanese management and through on-site visits to local companies. Thus, you will be challenged to think outside of your comfort zone in an international environment. This is key for students who want to be ahead of the curve, since cultural perspectives and cross-cultural communications are vital to today’s global industries.

Giorgio Jonathan Tigris, a full-time student from Indonesia, says the international environment encourages students to share their ideas. “Globis is a place of many nationalities,” he says. “By getting admitted, I could connect with people from different backgrounds and expand my network. Also, the curriculum gives me confidence knowing I get the best management and leadership experience from an MBA.”

The food, the sights, the people and the culture are a big part of the overall experience.

“I love how the nature of the program is learning from your peers,” says Masorong. “This way, I get to see different perspectives and learn from classmates from different parts of the world. Different cultures display different ideals, and it’s exciting to see and experience that.”

“Globis arranges a lot of events and the community, which is knitted tightly,” says Tigris. “These events involve students and alumni from the English full-time, part-time, online and the Japanese programs. As a result, I can expand my networking further and be affiliated with different people.”

Welcome to Tokyo

Globis University MBA graduates celebrate the start of a new chapter in their lives after receiving their degrees.

Of course, along with getting a premium education, you can’t forget that you’re in Tokyo, Japan!

The food, the sights, the people and the culture are a big part of the overall experience. When you’re not busy studying, there is a whole new world of opportunity and experiences to explore. This is your chance to come to Japan and broaden your horizons in the most fulfilling way possible.

For more information and to find the MBA program that is right for you, visit www.globis.ac.jp.

  • Nano-MBA: Three-week online courses for 0.5 Globis credits. (Start building your Japan network ASAP.)
  • Pre-MBA: Three-month online courses for 1.5 Globis credits. (Experience the actual MBA curriculum before committing.)
  • Part-time and Online MBA: Two-year program (extendable to five years), a combination of on-campus and online classes held on weekday evenings and weekends.
  • Full-time MBA: One-year program with classes held during weekdays on campus in Tokyo.

Are you a student or alumnus of Globis University? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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