GPod 1: History of GaijinPot


November 6, 2013

GaijinPot is pleased to introduce our very own podcast, the GPod! Join host Anthony Joh every month as he brings you the latest news and interviews with people making a difference in Japan. On the very first show of the GPod we take a look back at the origins of GaijinPot with co-founder Peter Wilson.

Peter talks about arriving in Japan with only ¥40,000 in his pocket and quickly realizing that he needed to find a job. After working at a few eikaiwa companies that went bankrupt, the idea for GaijinPot was hatched when he realized how difficult it was to find job information in Japan.

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Realizing that web was the future, Peter and business partner Erik Gain set about making their first sales calls and building GaijinPot into what it is today. We also touch on some of the recent changes to the GaijinPot website and the launch of the new GaijinPot Study section.

I also talk to Adam German from Real Estate Japan about a recent article in the Guardian website titled, “Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?”. Adam weighs in on his thoughts regarding relationships in Japan and how the Japanese cope with the strains and stresses of modern day relationships.



Host of the Speak Up Asia podcast.

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