GPod 16: WHILL type-A Personal Mobility Device

On March 10, 2014

There has been a lot written about how Japan has lost it’s technological edge and that it’s not as internationally competitive compared to American or Korean companies. While this may be true for the established Japanese tech giants, the same can’t be said for Japanese startups.

The start up scene in Japan is alive and growing with small innovative companies pushing the boundaries of what technology and the human spirit can do. One such company is WHILL, makers of the WHILL type-A personal mobility device which is a radical new design of the traditional powered wheelchair.

On this show I am joined by WHILL engineer Atushi Mizushima and brand evangelist Julia Olson to talk about the impact the WHILL type-A is having on the people who use wheelchairs and the public’s perception of people in wheelchairs.

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The WHILL Type-A is just another example of innovative Japanese startups that are finding success on an international stage.



Host of the Speak Up Asia podcast.

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