GPod 17: An American Piano


The film “An American Piano” is based on the extraordinary true story of a young Japanese girl, Youko Koshida, who played the piano for American prisoners of war during World War II. The films looks at the effect her playing had on the prisoners lives.

On this episode of the GPod Anthony Joh talks to director Paul Leeming and Writer/Producer Hamish Downie about their film and the challenges and opportunities of being filmmakers in Japan.

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War is only possible when the enemy is dehumanised. “An American Piano” is a story of humanity, compassion and the universality of music in helping to heal the rifts between wartime rivals.

I am also joined by Sarah Feinerman from Design Festa who joins us to talk about their new student art initiative called Gakuten. An offshoot of the popular Design Festa art exhibition, Gakuten is an international art festival open to students.

Gakuten is open to any student enrolled in an educational institution. Click here to register your booth.



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