GPod 18: Teaching English in Japan


April 2, 2014

Much has been written about teaching English in Japan, some of it positive and some of it negative. However the fact remains that it is the main entry point for a large number of foreigners choosing to work in Japan.

On this episode of the GPod, I talk to Wesley Christenson who first came to Japan through a teaching program by the large Eikaiwa company, Aeon. Wes talks about the challenges and benefits of working in a large company and ultimately why he chose to leave Aeon for a role in a smaller language school.

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Now working at Kids Duo, Wes is excited about the opportunities that the school offers. Even though he took a pay cut to work at Kids Duo, the teacher friendly environment is something he greatly appreciates.



Host of the Speak Up Asia podcast.

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  • Lei

    I hope you could have a GPod for teaching in Japan for non native speaker stand point thanks!

    • Good idea. I’ll look into it.

    • I’m a non-native speaker of English who is working as an English teacher in Japan. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Maybe I can help.

      But I agree it would be useful to have a GPod on that topic. I wish it already existed before I came to Japan over 6 years ago! 😉

      • Adel Zaidi

        I want to be an english (or even french) teacher in Japan, i’m not a native speoaker of none of them, but i speak them very fluently like a native one, and english is also not my major, how can i do to become an english teacher in Japan ?
        PS: i don’t live in Japan, and my country (Algeria) is not eligible for the JET progam.

        • Sumida Ryogoku

          From what you wrote, you are NOT fluent in English. Perhaps it would be much better for you to teach your own language when you are in Japan

      • Rikarudo OL

        Hey there, I am non-native speaker too and I´m traveling to Japan in December!
        I´m also interested in working there as an English Teacher though I´m only holding a tourist visa. I would really appreciate your help!

      • Isak Nygren

        Are you still in Japan? I want to be an English teacher as well. My first language isn’t English, but I would say I’m near native when it comes to the English language. Could you help me?

  • David Savage

    Thanks for the podcast, As a Scottish student i’m currently looking into doing this in the future and all this information have been extremely useful, Can’t wait to get to Japan and teach english in the future.

  • Corbin

    Would it be possible to get a follow-up with Wesley? I am thinking of applying to Kids Duo, but I would really like to hear his thoughts after being with the company for a few years.

    Thank you!

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