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GPod 20: Best Podcasts About Japan

After a short break Anthony Joh is back on the air with another episode of the GPod. On this show he reviews some of the other great podcasts about Japan.

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After a short break, I’m back on the air with another episode of the GPod. On this show I review a few of the other Japan based podcasts that I listen to. I’ve picked a few that I felt offered a quality production as well as being informative about living in Japan.

Check them out and let me know if you have any other quality shows that you’d like to mention.

Tokyo Podcast

Before there was the GPod there was Tokyo Podcast. Hosted by Anthony Joh this interview style podcast covers 50 shows with a wide range of topics. The show is not being updated anymore as Anthony now hosts the GPod but many of the shows are still relevant today and it’s fun to hear about Anthony’s first days in Japan.

Disrupting Japan

One of the best shows about startups and business innovation in Japan. Disrupting Japan is hosted by long time entrepreneur, Tim Romeo interviews talks to Japanese founders and CEO’s about the growing interest in entrepreneurship in Japan.

Just Japan

The Just Japan Podcast is produced by Kevin O’Shea, a popular YouTuber who lives in Kobe, Japan. Kevin has been living in Japan for a number of years now after moving here from South Korea. On his show he shares his insights into life in Japan as well as interviews with other long time expats.

A Short History of Japan

If you are interested in the history of Japan then A Short History of Japan podcast is a must listen. Narrator Cameron Foster does a masterful job of weaving a compelling tale of some of the best and most important bits of Japanese history. If you like history of just good story telling then check out this podcast.

Japan Eats

Although this podcast is not as active as it used to be, Japan Eats still provide an entertaining listen about the food of Japan. Hosted by the trio of Ken Worsley, Garrett DeOrio and Christopher Pellegrini, Japan Eats covers a wide range of food related topics.

Tokyo Cheapo

Tokyo Cheapo helps break the myth that Tokyo is crazy expensive. Hosted by Chris Kirkland, each show covers tips on saving money but it goes beyond that. From festivals, to food, to trips around Japan, the Tokyo Cheapo podcast is a great listen for anyone interested in living in Japan.

Two and a Half Oyajis

Hosted by two well known gaijin oyajis, Two and a Half Oyajis is a weekly live video podcast. The hosts are long time Japan residents Hikosaemon and Gimmeaflakeman who bring you their take on the latest news and current events happening in Japan.



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