GPod 22: Fiddling Across Japan With Leona Tokutake

On August 31, 2014

On this episode of the GPod, Anthony Joh talks to musician Leona Tokutake about her latest CD, ‘Love and Peace, Leona’. Starting as a young child, Leona was trained in classical violin before she made her way to America and discovered her passion for Bluegrass music.

Leona is a fiddler from Tokyo Japan and now makes her home in Johnson City, Tennessee where she is a musical entertainer and instructor. Leona has performed both in Japan and the United States as an instrumentalist and vocalist. She is also a global advocate for promoting and preserving Bluegrass and Traditional Appalachian Music.

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Leona talks about the challenges of moving from Japan to American to pursue her dream of playing Bluegrass music and how she overcame those challenges to launch a successful music career. Her latest CD titled, ‘Love and Peace, Leona’ is now available for download on iTunes and Amazon.



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