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GPod 22: Fiddling Across Japan With Leona Tokutake

Grab your boots and cowboy hat as we go a little country on this episode of the GPod.

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On this episode of the GPod, Anthony Joh talks to musician Leona Tokutake about her latest CD, ‘Love and Peace, Leona’. Starting as a young child, Leona was trained in classical violin before she made her way to America and discovered her passion for Bluegrass music.

Leona is a fiddler from Tokyo Japan and now makes her home in Johnson City, Tennessee where she is a musical entertainer and instructor. Leona has performed both in Japan and the United States as an instrumentalist and vocalist. She is also a global advocate for promoting and preserving Bluegrass and Traditional Appalachian Music.

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Leona talks about the challenges of moving from Japan to American to pursue her dream of playing Bluegrass music and how she overcame those challenges to launch a successful music career. Her latest CD titled, ‘Love and Peace, Leona’ is now available for download on iTunes and Amazon.



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