GPod 24: Working At A Host Club In Japan

On October 26, 2014

As a follow up to a recent article about working as a hostess in Japan, I wanted to find out what it’s like for the men who work at a host club. I managed to track down an English speaking host, so we heard from the women now let’s hear from the men!


Originally from Japan but raised in America, Kirito recently came back to Japan and after being approached by a fellow host he decided to join the club. We discuss the many myths surrounding the host clubs, who the clients are and what kind of money can be made.

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Unlike hostess clubs, there are very few foreigners who work at host clubs. Whether it’s due to language barriers, cultural differences or racial prejudices the world of male hosts remain predominantly Japanese.

My thanks to Kirito for taking the time to give us an insight into this uniquely Japanese pastime.

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  • mark says:

    how can i apply as a host in japan? im having a hard time finding an agencies who can bring me to japan and work as a host. can anyone help me how to apply as a host? im from the philippines.

  • Aki Lulu says:

    Not all attractive women go to host club. Any women have lots of money go there

  • Sontin says:

    Is there a transcript of this?

  • Sasha says:

    How does Japanese Society view Host Clubs?

  • Erm Marchant says:

    Can chocolate gaijins be hosts?

  • 珠莉亜 says:

    I think it’s so interesting that hostesses come in to host clubs! I’m in healthcare, especially interested in psychology, and I think it’s more than “having more fun” as Kirito said. I think it’s more of a coping strategy. As he said, hosts are like young, cooler guys, but the hostess’s clientele are more like businessmen. Again, the whole “taking care of them”, I think, is a coping strategy for those women who can afford this treatment, despite working for that money the night before and knowing the industry. Especially if they can have sex with no strings attached. I’d love to study this +_+

    I’m really glad Kirito is worried about his liver, though. I’d love to make a PSA in those clubs lol

  • pchild57 says:

    I think it’s sad the only way Japanese connect with each other is through money.

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