GPod 26: The Model Startup with Cynthia Popper

On January 5, 2015

On this episode of the GPod, Anthony Joh talks to Cynthia Popper about her experience of moving to Japan and working as a commercial print model. Cynthia was a guest on the GPod #5 where she talked about working as a model in Japan.

Due to the large number of questions she received about modeling in Japan she has written The Model Start Up, which offers a step by step guide to start working as a model in America and Japan.

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The Model Start Up will teach you how to treat your modeling career like a business. Teaching you how to make career decisions that not only offer an emotional and financial ROI but endure that you are markedly more successful.

Structured in a easy to follow format, the guide walks you through all of the ins and outs of getting started, finding an agent, going to auditions, building a portfolio and more. For anyone who is interested in working in Japan, there is a special section all about modeling in Japan.


Anthony would also like to thank all the GaijinPot writers who contributed articles to the GP Blog in 2014. This was the first full year of the blog and it has been a tremendous success.

To learn more about the GP writers check out their profile page.


Passionate Storyteller. Adventurous Traveller. Motivated Entrepreneur.

Anthony Joh - Digital Marketing Strategist

As an inbound marketing expert, Anthony Joh brings an intuitive understanding of the East and West to help Japanese clients achieve growth in new markets around Asia.
  • Niclas Fagerholm says:

    Thanks for the great podcast! I loved hearing from Cynthia again, she always seem to have great insights.

  • Zero Sonico / Natch says:

    What you talk at 48:00 is quite interesting as it trully shows the differences between cultures. What you say that Japanese man did, I’ve done. I’ve grabbed wallets out of people’s pockets on the bus then gave them back saying “Dude, look how easily someone could’ve taken your wallet. Pay more attention.” So, when you (Anthony) tell that story, Americans would automatically think “poor woman, she couldnt react” or “in America someone could’ve been killed” whereas what I first thought was “hey, maybe what he told her and Anthony couldnt understand was ‘lady, you shouldnt grab your phone like that in public, some idiot could steal it’ and that’s why she bowed”.

    First time I visited Japan there was a dude following us for A LONG time, so we went into a famima and called the cops. In about 2 minutes there were 10 cops around the guy. And the guy said “I just wanted to make gaijin friends but I’m too shy”. So that was it.

    Weird place, Japan.

  • Maria Aina says:

    I find your website really informative I wish you could also provide information about Japan’s fashion industry and guide foreign designers who are interested to work in Japan.

    • Cynthia Popper says:

      Do you speak Japanese? For the majority of creative work, without the umbrella of an English-speaking country-you’ll absolutely need to speak Japanese at a business level.

      • elena says:

        Please i want to be a model in Japan
        but the problem is I don’t live in Japan . I do not have anu visa

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