GPod 27: Wrestling with the Wolf

On February 25, 2015

On this episode of the GPod, Anthony Joh talks to Kris Wolf about the high flying world of professional female wrestling in Japan. Back in the 80’s, the sport of professional wrestling was immensely popular but in recent times that popularity has waned.

Now a group of foreign wrestlers are hoping to add a new dynamic and revive the sport of professional wrestling in Japan.

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Kris recently joined the Stardom Wrestling Federation and after a grueling testing period she made her debut. Anthony and Kris discuss the many challenges of working as a wrestler in Japan, how the fans react to her and what she thinks is the future of female professional wresting in Japan.

Skiing at Gala Yuzawa

Anthony also discusses his recent ski trip to the town of Yuzawa. Located just over an hour outside of Tokyo the ski town of Yuzawa is home to sixteen different ski and snowboard mountains.

The easiest way to get to Yuzawa is via the Shinkansen and for anyone holding a non-Japanese passport, you can save almost ¥5000 by purchasing the Kanto Area Pass.

Hop on the Shinkansen in Tokyo and you can get off right at the lift ticket counter at Gala. Grab your rental gear and in a short time you are on the mountain.

For beginners Anthony recommends a stay at the NASPA New Otani Hotel. This hotel is located a short distance from the Echigo Yuzawa station and features large rooms, delicious restaurants, friendly English speaking staff and their own private ski mountain directly behind the hotel.

The NASPA Ski Garden is great for kids or beginner skiers. They have a full rental shop and lessons for all levels. For the après-ski head back into the hotel and slide yourself into their fantastic onsen.



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