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GPod 3: The 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

The 2013 Tokyo Motor Show runs from November 23 ~ December 1 at Tokyo Big Site.

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On this episode of the GPod, I am joined once again by Reno Tibke from Akihabara News as we discuss the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. We discuss the viability of hybrids and how they stack up against gas powered cars. We also discuss what a future might look like with autonomous cars and what that would mean for car enthusiasts.

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From the futuristic Nissan Blade Glider to Toyota’s mood ring scooter, the FV2, we pick our favourite cars from the Tokyo Motor Show. I am also impressed once again with the Volvo marketing team who has released another video, this time highlighting their amazing braking technology.

For more coverage of the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show check out the gallery below.

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