GPod 5: Modeling in Japan

On December 9, 2013

Working as a model in Japan is a dream job for many young men and women but it’s not all champaign parties and adoring fans. Working as a model can be a lucrative job for anyone who is prepared to put in the work to make it happen.

On this show we talk with model and actress Cynthia Popper who has just recently moved to Japan after a successful modeling career in America.

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After only a short time in Japan, Cynthia has landed jobs with well known brands such as IKEA and GaijinPot.

On the show she talks about how to get started in Japan, getting an agent, overcoming the language issues and red flags to watch out for.

For more information about modeling in Japan check out Cynthia’s articles on GaijinPot.


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Anthony Joh - Digital Marketing Strategist

As an inbound marketing expert, Anthony Joh brings an intuitive understanding of the East and West to help Japanese clients achieve growth in new markets around Asia.

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