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GPod 6: Favorite Apps For Living In Japan

Japan is one of the most connected countries in the world and the smartphone revolution has brought us a huge selection of apps to make daily life just a little bit easier.

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Japan is a highly connected country with broadband penetration at one of the highest rates in the world. This extends into the mobile space as the smartphone revolution has brought a huge selection of smartphone apps for both iOS and Android to make daily living just a little bit easier.

On this episode I am joined by Reno Tibke from Akihabara News to talk about some of our favourite apps that we use everyday in our daily life in Japan.

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With thousands of apps we couldn’t cover them all but we decided to break it down into three main categories that we felt are used the most.

Language Apps

Transportation Apps

Social Apps


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  • 優しい なぁ says:

    Im using テレ朝news. Its for read JP news. U can read news and learn JPnese very gud.

  • Niclas Fagerholm says:

    aedict3 for Android is amazing.

  • Gaijinn says:

    I recommend Yomiwa. Its for kanji. Very useful app. You can identify kanji by camera and your hand writing



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