GPod 7: Top News Stories of 2013

On December 30, 2013

On the last show of the year I asked long time resident Hikosaemon to talk about some of the top news stories of 2013. Japan is under tremendous pressure to pull itself out of a twenty year economic stagnation and rise again to being the technological leader that it once was.

A lot of events made the headline news this year but we decided to focus on three specific stories.

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We discuss the impact that Abenomics is having on the Japanese economy and what is means for consumers. True to its reputation as a loophole society, Japan has finally managed to get Mt. Fuji declared as a UNESCO World Heritage status, through a loophole of course.

Lastly, we cover the new work opportunities that are being created by Japanese companies for foreigners working in Japan. The era of the rockstar English teacher may be over but we both agree that there are far more opportunities for foreigners in Japan now than ever before.



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