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Group Feasting at Nabezo

A convenient place to feast on great Japanese food that is enhanced by a large party!

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My favorite place to set up group reservations is Nabezo, an all-you-can-eat Nabe restaurant. I recommend this place for the quality of meats and veggies, interesting soup bases, and ease of dining with a large party of friends.

Setting up reservations via telephone does require Japanese, although some restaurants have e-mail addresses (given on Nabezo’s official website) where you can request tables in English.

To make a reservation, you will need to give your name, how many in your party, and what time you will arrive. In addition, you must choose the length of time you want to eat (60 minutes or 90 minutes) and what soup base you want.

Soup choices include Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, Soybean, Kimchi, and more.

The restaurants are very punctual, so to get my group on time, I always told everyone to meet at a spot an hour earlier than the reservation, and I had Sake and paper cups ready to reward my on-time arriving friends with booze! When the whole group is together, you can walk to the restaurant with a tipsy spring in your step!

As you are taken to your table, you will see how nicely everything is set up for your party, with the hot pot soup ready to boil. The blended scent of various broths that fills the restaurant will get your appetite going, the fact that you can order as much meat as you want will get you excited, but the vegetable bar will impress you the most!


Beautiful, bountiful, and various greens that you’ve been missing! In addition, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, fresh noodles, and Wakame…. hot pot ingredients at its best!

Have fun sharing and slurping your meal with your friends, but save room for ice cream at the end! You’ll find traditional flavors as well as interesting flavors like Tomato or Lassi.

I love planning group events here – a convenient place to feast on great Japanese food that is enhanced by a large party!


Website: www.nabe-zo.com/english.html

Prices start at 1980 Yen (per person). Additional cost for 2nd soup
base, added time (60 minutes vs. 90 minutes), and drinks.

No smoking

Bottomless drinks (Nomihodai) available

Business Hours:
Lunch – Mon – Fri 11:30-15:00
Dinner- Mon – Fri 17:00-23:00

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