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How Do You Find a Direct-Hire Job in Japan?

Simple. Apply directly to Japanese companies using the “Direct Hire” button at GaijinPot Jobs.

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Go wide or go narrow? There are generally two ways to approach the job market in Japan: boldly and on your own or with help.

For the fortunate, “with help” means the blessing of an eager-to-assist network of friends and colleagues who make introductions. For the rest of us mere mortals, it means we’re left to our own devices.

Thankfully, GaijinPot Jobs has your back. With its “Direct Hire” button, hunting for direct-hire work is so simple, it’s almost like cheating.

Direct Hire: What Exactly Does that Mean?

So, we’re tossing around business-speak here a little bit and you might be wondering: what is “a direct hire”?

Essentially, this bit of human resources terminology means a person is hired by a company directly. So, no third party was involved. No recruiters or agencies, for example. Easy, right?

Is it Difficult to Get a Direct-Hire Job in Japan?

Getting hired and working directly for a Japanese firm (even in dispatcher heavy industries like ESL teaching) is far from impossible—despite what you’ve likely read elsewhere. Knowing where and how to look is half the battle and it’s always the aim of GaijinPot Jobs to make things as straightforward as possible—both for hiring firms and job seekers.

The GaijinPot Jobs job-search engine helps eliminate job search bottlenecks—particularly when it comes to fine-tuning a search. It’s designed so positions can be found by restricting available jobs to certain business verticals:

  • Position and role
  • Language proficiency
  • Career level
  • Contract type
  • Region and prefecture

This way, whether you’re searching for your first job in Japan or your next, the search is fast and intuitive.

With direct hiring, no third parties are involved. So no agencies or recruiters.

What Types of Direct-Hire Jobs are Available in Japan?

In three words: all of them.

Companies use GaijinPot Jobs to hire job seekers of all ages and backgrounds in a wide array of industries and professions here in Japan. Direct hire, in fact, is the largest single job category. You’ll find full-time and part-time positions in industries like advertising, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, marketing… the whole nine yards.

For those looking to work in Japan’s travel hot spots, seasonal jobs in food and beverage, as well as tourism are also on offer.

Have a working holiday opportunity, coming up and thinking about Japan? No sweat. Jobs at ski resorts, onsen, restaurants and hotels frequently need part-time seasonal employees—and nearly all of these are direct-hire on the GaijinPot Jobs board.

Speaking of visas…

Do I Need a Visa for a Direct-Hire Job in Japan?

Obtaining permission to work tends to be the norm everywhere around the world, and Japan is no exception.

With direct-hire postings on GaijinPot Jobs, when a visa is required, you’ll see it in the posting. Likewise, when a company is willing to sponsor a visa that will also be in the posting.

Advanced search functionality helps, as does a list of job opportunities that allow you to snag work in Japan from overseas—so, no permission to work needed whatsoever.

A final word on visas: one nice thing about permission to work here in Japan is that under most circumstances, the permission travels with you, unlike many other places around the world. A very nice benefit to working in Japan.

Advantages of Applying Directly to Companies in Japan

For the most part, working directly for a company in Japan has all the benefits you’d expect. You’ll tend to be more closely viewed as part of the team, get more comprehensive benefits, have the chance to move around and up within a firm, receive greater pay and—generally speaking—have more job security.

So how do you find all of these sweet opportunities?

By using that shiny Direct Hire button on GaijinPot Jobs, of course.

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