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How to Buy Concert Tickets in Japan

Excited to see your favorite artists in Japan? Let's make getting tickets easy! Dive into our guide to buying concert tickets in Japan now!

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If you love music and are in Japan, you’re in luck! Japan has a rich music scene, from J-pop to traditional performances, that draws fans worldwide. Moreover, many international artists consider Japan an essential stop on their Asian tours.

However, purchasing concert tickets in Japan might differ from what you’re familiar with. For instance, you can get concert tickets here at konbini (convenience store). Additionally, for some popular concerts, you might need to participate in a lottery for an opportunity to buy a ticket. To navigate these unique ticket-buying methods, continue reading this article.

Buying Concert Tickets at Konbini

Is there anything you can’t do at a konbini?

Many tickets for concerts, festivals and other events in Japan can be bought at popular convenience store chains like Lawson, FamilyMart and 7-Eleven. They have ticket machines that allow you to search for and purchase tickets.

Buying tickets at a konbini might be a new experience for foreigners, but it’s relatively straightforward. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Find a Ticket Machine: Inside the konbini, look for machines like “Loppi” (Lawson), “FamiPort” (FamilyMart), or “Multicopy” (7-Eleven).
  2. Search Your Concert: Use the screen to search by date, location, or artist. Note: A translation app might help with some machines only in Japanese.
  3. Get Reservation Slip: After confirming your event and seat, the machine will print a slip for you.
  4. Pay: Bring the slip to the counter and pay, usually in cash. Make sure you have enough!

Purchasing Concert Tickets Online

There is a music scene for everyone in Japan.

Popular concerts, particularly those featuring international artists, often utilize a lottery system for online ticket sales. Instead of directly purchasing, you’re essentially entering for an opportunity to buy a ticket. During this process, you’ll be prompted to select two or three seating category preferences. Should you be set in the lottery, you can purchase the ticket for one of your chosen categories.

There are many websites in Japan where you can buy concert tickets. These websites have lots of choices and are good for foreigners. If you don’t understand Japanese, you can ask a friend to help or use a translation tool. Here’s how to use these websites:

  1. Visit Websites: Check out popular ticket sites like E+, Ticket Pia, and Lawson Ticket.
  2. Sign Up: Create an account if you’re a new user.
  3. Search for Concert: Browse the list or use the search feature.
  4. Select Tickets: Pick the date, venue, and seats.
  5. Payment: Methods differ – some sites take credit cards; others may need a Japanese bank or konbini payment.

Exploring Alternative Options

You might have to line up early.

If you didn’t manage to secure a ticket via the regular methods, don’t lose hope because there are still alternative options for you:

  • Fan Clubs: Joining an artist’s fan club may have a fee, but members can get early ticket access, exclusive content, and discounts.
  • Resale Platforms: Consider trusted sites like Tiketore and Ticket Ryutsu. But always purchase from a reputable seller.
  • Last-Minute Tickets: Organizers sometimes release extra tickets shortly before the event, especially for smaller shows. Keep an eye on the concert’s online channels.
  • Music Stores: Local shops or venues might have tickets, especially for smaller or indie events.

Things to Keep in Mind

In addition to all the points above, here are some essential points to remember if you are planning to attend a concert in Japan:

  • Ticket Resale: Avoid scalpers. Buying from them might get you turned away at the door.
  • Be On Time: Shows in Japan usually start on time. Arrive early, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the venue.
  • Follow the Rules: Respect venue guidelines. For example, some places might not allow photos or require seated attendees.

While buying concert tickets in Japan might initially seem complex, it becomes an exciting part of the experience once you understand the basics. Whether you want to see a renowned J-pop group, an international artist or a traditional Japanese performance, this guide will help you secure that coveted ticket.

So, are you ready to immerse yourself in Japan’s vibrant music scene and create memories to last a lifetime? Write your comments down below!

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