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Immerse Yourself in the Cultural Heritage of Japan from the Comfort of Home

The Japan Heritage official site has all the resources you need to plan the perfect Japanese cultural journey.

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There’s no denying that Japan is one of the most culturally rich destinations you can visit. From its sacred mountains and secluded islands (home to monks and martyrs) to its iconic castles still standing long after the famous clashes of samurai, the country has no shortage of breathtaking scenery and captivating history. 

No wonder, then, that Japan makes the list of number one travel destinations for adventurers once it’s finally safe to travel again after COVID-19, according to surveys. But what better way to wait it out than by meticulously mapping your itinerary?

A holy grail of bucket list travel destinations in Japan.

Recognized by the Japanese government’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Heritage is a diverse selection of cultural properties designated by the agency, ranging from some of Japan’s most famous locations to hidden gems almost unknown outside Japan. Now, people worldwide can travel to these destinations from the comfort of their own homes and immerse themselves in the wonders of these prized cultural landmarks.

In other words, a holy grail of bucket list travel destinations, both natural and human-made, important enough to Japan to blow your mind. The list includes real stories that allow you to learn more about Japanese culture and traditions through the historical lens of the people who live there.

Japan at your fingertips

The view from Senkoji Temple.

The official site for the Japan Heritage collection is the best way for tourists to discover these cultural destinations in English. Thanks to the use of high-quality, high-resolution media and even virtual reality presentations, you’ll be able to experience each location in amazing detail and clarity — the next best thing to an actual visit. Additional in-depth cultural and historical background content accompanies each destination to provide more context and insight, so visitors understand the significance of these places in Japan’s history.

Once an actual trip is possible after current travel restrictions are lifted, visitors can use the Japan Heritage official site to develop their itineraries. Using all of the website’s resources — including useful information about nearby hotels, regional cuisine and local activities — travelers will be able to get the most out of their experience. 

Instead of traversing the same old tourist hotspots that every self-proclaimed Japanophile and their parents know about, you can discover the real heart of Japan, experiencing local customs and life.

Perfect for bloggers and vloggers

Ouchi-Juku in Fukushima.

The Japan Heritage official website is also an excellent resource for documenting your trip or for anyone who loves discussing, writing, blogging or YouTubing about Japan. It contains a wide variety of Japanese culture assets in English (and Japanese) — including photographs, videos and text that are available to download and use for free. 

Well-curated content is available from each of Japan’s 47 prefectures, with new material added regularly. You can use these resources to create and share travel and cultural visual elements in VR, 4K and — for the few out there with powerful enough hardware — even 8K resolution. Just keep in mind the terms of use for each component and the applicable Creative Commons licenses.

Where to visit?

Plan your perfect trip to Japan.

Plotting your next trip to Japan can be overwhelming with so many options. 

Using the Japan Heritage official site to plan, research, organize and blog about your next exciting Japanese trip is virtually the next best thing to already being here. 

With so much to explore on the site alone, you may end up turning a planned short-term visit into a long-term adventure. The best part? You can visit Japan right now from the comfort of your home with no quarantine or travel restrictions in sight — just the fantastic sights and sounds of Japan’s unique cultural experiences.

Visit the Japan Heritage official website now!

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