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Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi by NTTBP

Looking for free wi-fi in Japan? NTTBP’s new Wi-Fi app lets you easily connect at international airports, train stations, sightseeing spots, stores and more

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Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi (Japan Wi-Fi) is a new application for iPhone and Android that enables users to connect to free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi at the touch of a button. Visitors simply find a nearby wi-fi hotspot, launch Japan Wi-Fi on their smart device and they can instantly access the internet for as long as they like. You can find a connectable hotspot whether you’re arriving at the airport, waiting for train on the platform, catching a baseball game or even shopping at the supermarket – no repeat registration, card details or list of dietary restrictions needed.

NTTBP has partnered with a huge range of companies throughout Japan to provide as widespread internet access as possible; from transport centers like Narita airport and the Tokyo metro to popular sightseeing spots such as Tokyo Sky Tree, as well as many major department stores and some branches of 7-11.

Launched in 2013, the Japan Wi-Fi app has been growing fast with new companies joining the network every month to offer free wi-fi alongside their own services such as Japan’s largest convenience store chains, 7-11, Family Mart and Lawson.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to search nearby areas to your location where wi-fi is available via the integrated map. The app will check your location and show the closest hotspots where you can connect. You can also search by area; tap on the wi-fi symbol in the Tokyo station map for example and a list of specific places that offer wi-fi will come up, including the name and type of store such as ‘Japanese-style bar, Torigen’ or ‘Burdigala Café’. Use of Japan Wi-Fi is unlimited too so once you’ve signed on you can be online for as much time as you need.

It’s great if you need somewhere you can settle in for while to Skype or plan your travels. Maybe you’re looking for someplace to eat where you can translate the menu; or maybe you need to search the size conversions in a store before you buy something. Or you might want to Instagram that photo of you and your friends being served sushi by a robot – whatever it is, the app’s map and search function can help you to quickly find a place where you can get online and stay there.

You can download the offline map in advance so that you can check wifi available area while you are in the area there is no wifi access.

Also within the Japan Wi-Fi app, there’s a button to search for useful travel tools which will take you to a list of relevant apps that make travelling in Japan a whole lot easier. A really useful one for travelers is the 7/11 ATM Navigation which shows you how and where to withdraw money from an overseas bank account when in Japan.

How to Connect

You can register with your email address or login with Facebook – it’s really easy; you just have to enter in your email, name, gender (you can select ‘no answer’ if you prefer) and age group and you can immediately start to use the app. There’s no need to register again unless you don’t use the app for 90 days.

The app functions in eleven different languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, French, Spanish, German and Japanese and is available on Google Play and in the App Store. Happy connecting!

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