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Japan Ranked Best Study Abroad Destination in Asia

Yeah, we know, studying in Japan is awesome.

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In a recent survey conducted by more than 30,000 students from around the world by the higher education search portal educations.com, Japan ranked number one as the 2020 destination in Asia for studying abroad. Globally, Japan came in 17th place for prospective students confirming that the land of the rising sun is a viable choice for aspiring students. Last year, Japan came in second place, but 2020 saw it level up!

Educations.com used publicly-available data and academic factors that students prioritize when selecting a university to framework its rankings. Such factors included career goals, personal development, cultural experiences, high-quality teaching, language learning, and widening a professional network. This makes sense considering Japan’s array of Japanese language schools welcoming foreign students with open arms.

With nearly 800 universities around the country, two of which rank in the top 100 worldwide, studying in Japan can truly be a one of a kind experience.

In a summary of the results, CIO of educations.com, Fredrik Högemark, said, “this year’s survey revealed that students are prioritizing their personal development, including language-learning and career advancement, even more than last year. The countries in our Top 10 are outstanding examples of places where students can achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals.”

Recreational and social factors also played a part in students’ rankings, including adventure and making new friends. While Japan ranked highest in access to high-quality teaching, it also ranked first in opportunities for adventure.

Indeed, Japan is a culturally unique, modern, and technologically advanced setting, matched by pristine wilderness and beautiful scenery. With nearly 800 universities around the country, two of which rank in the top 100 worldwide, studying in Japan can truly be a one of a kind experience.

For education.com’s full ranking, click here.

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