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Japanese Twitter is Shook by Quality of New Pikachu Donuts

And it’s not in a good way.

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It’s nice to know that Japan isn’t perfect all the time, either.

Mister Donut, a popular fast-food donut chain in Japan, has launched two new limited-edition donuts: a banana chocolate-flavored Pikachu, and a strawberry glaze, white chocolate pokéball. These donuts are their latest installment of a gruelling 5-month-long PR campaign to promote the new Pokémon games, “Let’s Go! Pikachu” and “Let’s Go! Eevee” released on Nintendo Switch early this June.

While the pokéball donut has a standard round shape and simple design, the Pikachu donut is more complicated and has an intricate design that looks adorable when done well.

And something else entirely when it isn’t.

Nailed It: Pokémon Edition

Let’s just say that results may vary.

After @sawoldbrowaited posted a picture of the donut his poor sister got at Mister Donuts, others hopped on the trend using hashtag #ピカチュウドーナツ (“Pikachu donut”) and posted the monstrosities they received:

“Mister Donuts is selling donuts that look like scary monsters.”

It seems though that in their excitement for the new Switch game, Mister Donuts forgot how to train their employees to make the Pikachu donut correctly. While some of their staff clearly have a knack for cranking out adorable Pikachu donuts at the standard we’ve come to expect from Japan, like this one:

Others are having a rough time of it, as seen here:

User @beerlady_u remarked: “Freckles are sexy.”

And here:

“These Pikachu donuts are so bad it’s hilarious”



“I went to Mister Donuts! Lunch is going to get a bit derp, lol”

Who is this imposter?

“Pikachu donuts lol, not really…”

Imagining what our favorite chubby rodent must think of all of this, artist @kurogoma drew a comic of Pikachu’s reaction to his adorable image being destroyed by these donuts.

Want to try your luck and buy your own Pikachu donut? Will it be adorable or will it be nightmare fuel? These limited-edition Pikachu and pokéball donuts are available now at select Mister Donuts stores, and will be sold at all of the stores across Japan starting from this Friday, Nov 16. The campaign will end in late December, so be sure to stop by while supplies last!

If you’re really in the mood for weird food, don’t miss the new Pringles-flavor cup ramen released just last month, see if you can work out exactly what this mystery purple fall fruit is, or munch on one of these edible insects for autumn. Yum?!

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