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Japan’s ‘Crappiest Apartment of the Year’ Awards Finalists Announced

This year they've gone global.

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We’ve covered the highlights of Japan’s previous Kuso Bukken (translated: Crappiest Apartments) Awards before, but now that the finalists for this year have just been announced we’d like to share with you some of the best and crappiest designs yet.

After carefully looking through 683 total entries, Kuso Bukken’s adorable mascot, Grip-kun, and his team of real estate rapscallions have chosen the best (or worst?) 48 designs that they’ve named KSB48 — a play on popular girl band AKB48.

Grip Kun: The official mascot of Kuso Bukken 2018.

This year the people behind the awards have expanded the criteria for crappy apartments to include any buildings that meet the requisite level of crappiness, including temples and restaurants, as well as products related to the world of Kuso Bukken. There are also a couple of finalists located outside of Japan, demonstrating how crappy buildings are able to transcend boundaries of culture and nationality in this modern age.

The hallway house

Let’s start things off with a familiar face; the long corridor of an apartment from the 2015 Kuso Bukken is back with even more views and angles. It doesn’t look like anyone can squeeze through that hallway when someone’s actually sitting down in those chairs, but the decor does look very oshare (stylish).

The 4-in-1

If you’re looking for a little more in your living space, why not have it all with this 4-in-1 winning combo! Save space by keeping your sink, kitchen, toilet, and bath all in the same tiny corner of your apartment:

Shared by twitter user @otto_morgen, this one’s actually in St Louis, Missouri and described as “Tiny CWE Studio With Unique Layout.” “Unique” is one word for it. “Totally unsanitary” might be another.

The Man on the Curtain

While this next one isn’t a crappy building per se, if you’re stuck in one then it could help you out. This “Man on the Curtain” projector is marketed to women living alone in LeoPalace apartments, which have a reputation for being cramped quarters with slightly shoddy construction.

This foolproof security system straight out of the movie Home Alone projects several images of a big, strong man to keep the baddies at bay. Choose from an array of projections, including a buff guy working out, practicing his baseball bat swing (hmm ’cause that’s a common indoor activity), and boxing.

The temple that got ghosted

Next up, Twitter user @oolong_ta tells us the sad story of Echizen Daibutsu, a Buddhist temple in a “second Kyoto” ghost town. The story goes that an overly ambitious taxi company president made the temple before his company went bankrupt in the early 90s after the economic bubble burst. ¥5.7 billion in debt, the temple was put up for auction but nobody bought it.


Decapitated Kitty

Lastly, we have this lovely restaurant overlooking the ocean on Awaji Island in Hyogo — only it’s in the shape of a gigantic Hello Kitty head, and the inside is decorated with even more Hello Kitty heads. It’s meta in the worst way.

Welcome to Hello Kitty hell.

This is just a small taste of what you’ll find in the finalist list for Kuso Bukken 2018. The champion of the crappiest design awards will be announced at their awards ceremony on Dec 12 — tomorrow — which we’ll update here. Which one do you think it will be?

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