3 Great Jogging Areas In Tokyo

On November 6, 2014

Finding a suitable jogging path in a crowded city can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately Tokyo, despite its reputation for being a concrete jungle, hosts a variety of beautiful green spaces and convenient trails for both professional and recreational runners.

Many of these are not too far from popular stops on the Yamanote Line. Here is the rundown on some of the best places for joggers in Japan to keep those restless legs moving.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park is one of Tokyo’s largest green areas. This beautiful park is located only five minutes from Harajuku Station. Year-round, Yoyogi Park offers stunning scenery and lively community of outdoor enthusiasts. There is plenty of room to jog freely on the ground’s spacious, green lawns.

Also a shady cover from the canopy of tree branches above provides runners with a cool and easy run during the hot, summer season, but watch out for local picnickers and others enjoying the park.


On the weekends you can often find amusing dance groups, musicians, and other events making your run more entertaining.

My favorite group to watch is the rockabilly dancers. The rockabilly dancers dressed in leather and 1950’s poodle skirts, fill the air with great music that your feet can’t help but hit the pavement to as you continue your run.

yoyogi-dancersPhoto by Stéfan

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is an inspiring place for history buffs and photographers, but it is also very popular among the jogging community in Japan. The track is marked well for joggers as they make their way around the 5.5 kilometer loop, so it’s easy for more serious runners to track their distance and time.

Since the imperial Palace is such a beautiful and historical monument, it sometimes may be crowded during the busy tourist seasons, but on weekends the streets around the area are closed to vehicles leaving enough space for everyone to enjoy without having to worry too much about collisions with other pedestrians.


The biggest downside to this jogging area is the heat. The Imperial Palace does not provide very much coverage from the sun in summer which limits its usage as a jogging course during some hours of the day.

Meguro River

Meguro is a beautiful and convenient jogging route for any recreational runner. The river is accessible from Meguro, Ebisu, Gotanda, and Osaki Station. Along the Meguro River, there are plenty of shops and restaurants making it a convenient way to discover new places to visit after a relaxing run.


In the spring, cherry blossom petals drift down onto the path from the side of the river, and the branches provide cover from the sun and the rain. Some areas around the rever can sometimes be crowded with other pedestrians, so the ideal time to start your run is early morning or in the evening.


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