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An All-American Bite at Tokyo’s JS Burgers Cafe

For pregnant times, make it JS Burger time.

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Don’t get me wrong. I love all things Japanese food with a passion. One of the main reasons I moved to Japan was to have its culinary delights at arm’s reach. Every meal, drink, dessert ecstatically triggers a loud cry of “Ooishi!”

Then, I got pregnant. Suddenly, my body and appetite were rejecting flavors I used to love. Soy sauce, Matcha, red bean, fish, Miso, Ponzu, Yuzu, Ramen, and even Gyudon. My unborn child was clamoring for a burger – an American burger.

I first tried to satiate my craving at a few Japanese chains, but to my dismay, I was attacked with unexpected sweet soy-based sauces and a burger patty that didn’t taste “all-beef” – my body rejected these efforts with all-out nausea.

Sure, I could have fallen back on the American chains and gotten what I needed, but I would feel guilty, like I was cheating on Japan.

I complained to one of my Japanese friends about this dilemma, and since he had lived in California, he knew exactly what I was desiring. He took me to JS Burgers Cafe.

JS stands for Journal Standard, a popular clothing brand in Japan. Attached to some of their stores are cafes and restaurants, one of which is JS Burgers Cafe, who promises an All-American taste.

I ordered the classic JS Burger – melted cheddar cheese dripping over avocado, grilled onions, ripe tomatoes, and a thick, oily, all-beef patty. Served with a good amount of light and crispy seasoned french fries. I looked down at my plate and wondered, “Could Japan have done it? Could they have perfected the American burger?” One bite, and my eyes lit up responding “Yes! Yes they did!”


I won’t go into detail about the carnage that followed, but I will mention that I let out a ravenous “Ooooishiii!” With my baby satisfied, I could hold off with healthier Japanese food for a couple of days until that hamburger craving attacked again. If it did, I was better prepared for it.

JS Burgers Cafe helped me in my time of need, and I’m hoping that it will help others, too. Spread the word about this deliciously amazing Japanese burger joint that does it right!


Website: http://burgers.journal-standard.jp/

JS Burgers Cafe serves burgers with all-beef patties, bacon, chili, cheese, avocado, eggs, and other toppings. Also offered are fish burgers, vegetarian options, and even gourmet hot dogs (prices start at 920 yen). Desserts are a generous size (540 yen). It is a casual setting (no table service), serving alcohol (680 yen) and coffees (320 yen). Non-smoking indoors.

Shinjuku: 160-0022, 4-1-7 Shinjuku 3F. TEL 03-5367-0185. OPEN 11-22:30, Sat/Sun/Holidays 10:30-21:30.

Shibuya: 150-8377, 15-1 Udagawacho, Parco building Part 1, 1st Floor. TEL 03-6415-2017. OPEN 10-23:00 daily.

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  • Vulcanoctus Al-Abass says:

    Too green, too many vegetables.

  • maulinator says:

    Yout first mistake was attempting to get food at the Hard Rock ! πŸ™‚ I am happy for you that you found something edible on their menu but in general, globally the Hard Rock sucks hard.
    The places I mentioned are more gourmet burgers along the lines of Lisa’s article on JS. If you are worried try Bubby’s first, it is not hte best burger, but it is a part of the US chain of Bubby’s so at least you know it is going to be better quality than HardRock, or TGIFridays for that matter or Hooters (ick!). Great Burger is probably the most “plain” in terms of patties, nice and thick, no crazy seasonings, decent size, and good toppings. THey also have a lot of other food to try if burgers are not to you liking.
    If you want a decent fajita, I would go to La Jolla in Hiroo or Junkadelic (even better).

  • maulinator says:

    JS is alright, but you should go to FIrehouse (one of the original burger joints in Tokyo). Brozers is pretty good too, as one of the originals.
    But the newcomers are where its at: Burger Mania- excellent. Arms in Yoyogi- also excellent. Great Burger in Harajuku is good too, they have more than just burgers on the menu as well. West Park Cafe does a decent burger and Bubby’s has got a decent burger, but a little dry for my tastes.
    Authentic in Akasaka is also very good! Brown Burger (ithink that was the name) in Omotesando Hills is yummy. If you are looking for something in between a Japanese burger and a full blown American one try ZipZap’s Wagyu burger- excellent but pricey. Blacow’s in Ebisu, the patties are a bit spicy but overall good! If I recall, teh burgers at gotham grill in ebisu were also great.

    • Lisa Hong says:

      Thanks for the suggestions! Other readers and I will benefit from your burger knowledge! Nice to know that there are great places to eat all around Tokyo πŸ™‚



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