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Just Japan Podcast: Fast Food in Japan

How does Japanese fast food stack up against Western style fast food?

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In this episode of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea talks about a favorite topic for many; fast food. There are many options for those coming to Japan who wish to eat western-style fast food, whether its McDonald’s , Burger King or KFC. Maybe you’d like to try a domestic chain like Mos Burger or Freshness Burger?

Kevin chats with long time expats Pee Jay and Mully about the various fast food options in Japan and which ones are their favorite. They also discuss how “Japanized” fast food stacks up against the original back in their home countries.

The topic of Japanese style fast food also comes up. Restaurants like Yoshinoya and Sukiya also offer a fast and cheap food option for many Japanese on the go. Kevin and guests also talk about the big McDonald’s Japan tainted food scandal that broke just after the New Year. Some customers had found plastic in their chicken nuggets while another found teeth in their fries.


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