Just Japan Podcast: Going to the Dentist

On December 19, 2015

Photo by Ray Larabie

Although it’s common for those living or traveling to Japan to have to deal with the medical system at some point, going to the dentist is something that most expats or travelers never think about. Many people don’t plan on visiting a dentist until something painful happens.

What is a trip to the dentist’s office like in Japan? Is it comparable to other countries or something completely different? In this episode of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea speaks with expats Andrew Higgins and Jim Mullins about their experiences dealing with dentists in Japan.

Is it true that you must return to a dentist several times in order to have one filling? Is dental work in Japan is affordable or will it break the bank? Do dentists here use the same technology that dentists in other countries use?

These topics and more are discussed in this episode of the Just Japan Podcast.


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