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Just Japan Podcast: Teaching Adults

In this episode host Kevin O’Shea chats about the challenges of teaching children, teenagers and adults throughout Asia.

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Each and every year thousands of people from around the world make their way to Japan to work in the English education industry. Many of them find themselves in job positions teaching children in both private and public education settings. Some may teach in public schools as Assistant Language Teachers or ALT’s while others work in Eikaiwas or international kindergartens.

A great deal can be learned about Japan and Japanese culture while working as a teacher and this can also be a great way for expats in Japan to improve their own Japanese language skills.

In this episode of the podcast, host Kevin O’Shea chats with returning panelists Liam Carrigan and Kenny Hanna about the challenges of teaching children, teenagers and adults throughout Asia. Liam, Kenny and Kevin share their experiences, both good and bad as well as advice about teaching adults in Japan. This can be a very rewarding job as well as one that can pose some unexpected challenges.


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