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Just Japan Podcast: Working as a Photographer in Japan

On this episode, host Kevin O'Shea talks to Stephen Jackson about working as a photographer in Japan.

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Each year, thousands of people come to Japan with ambitions of working and putting down roots in the country. Although many of them become teachers in order to acquire a visa and get their feet on the ground, many others are motivated to do other things.

The Just Japan Podcast has profiled people who have come here and become actors, narrators, business people, etc. In this episode of the podcast, host Kevin O’Shea speaks to professional photographer Stephen Jackson of Rising Up Studios.

Stephen, came from a mid-sized U.S. city and made his way to Japan several years ago to work as an English teacher. He had always been interested in Japan, but made the journey to honor his late friend who was also a one-time English teacher in Japan.

During his first few years in Japan Stephen worked as an ALT or Assistant Language Teacher in public schools in a more rural region of Japan, but his love of photography shone through. This passion that began not long before coming to Japan consumed Stephen and he worked tirelessly to get better at his craft.

Not so long ago, Stephen left the world of teaching completely behind and started up Rising Up Studios. This Japan based photography company allows him to “live the dream” so to speak. He is making a living as a professional photographer in Japan and traveling to locations around the world.

In this episode of the Just Japan Podcast, we find out more about Stephen’s transition from being a teacher to owning his own business. If you have entrepreneurial ambitions of your own and dreams of Japan, this will be a story to inspire you.


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