Just Japan Podcast: Putting Down Roots in Japan.

On December 12, 2015

Photo by Toshihiro Gamo

Every year thousands of people make the journey to Japan from countries around the world in order to work and study. Most of these people tend to stay for only the short-term. They stay for a few semesters of school or maybe a few years working and then return to their home countries. Some people however choose to stay long-term.

In this episode, host Kevin O’Shea talks to American expat Brian Waters about putting down roots in Japan. Brian came to Japan years ago as an English teacher with the JET program. He met his Japanese wife and then returned to the United States. Brian worked as a criminalist with the Los Angeles Country Coroner’s Office for many years before deciding to return to Japan with his family. He now teaches forensic pathology at a university in Kyushu and recently built a house.

Brian talks about the factors that influenced his decision to raise his family in Japan as opposed to the United States. The overall feeling of safety as well as Japan’s education system contributed to Brian’s decision.

If you live in Japan now or dream of one day coming here and putting down roots, this is the episode for you.


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